College of Liberal Arts

Sample Counteroffer Letter

Counteroffer letters must be submitted to the associate dean for academic affairs for review or his/her designate prior to sending the official offer to the faculty member.

A sample text, which includes all required basic elements of the counteroffer, is as follows:

Dear [Professor John XXXX]:

The Executive Vice President and Provost and Dean Ann Huff Stevens have approved our proposal for a counteroffer to the offer you received from the [University of XXXXXX]. Beginning [September 1, 20XX], your academic rate will be [$XX,XXX]. In addition, you will be provided with [list additional commitments and terms of commitments here].

This offer is contingent upon your withdrawal from the recruitment process at [University of XXXXXX]. If you agree to the terms of this counteroffer and agree to remain on our faculty, please indicate your acceptance of these terms by signing this letter, below, and return it to be by XXXX, 20XX.


Department Chair

I accept the terms of the above counteroffer, agree to decline all current outside offers, formally withdraw from recruitment with [University of XXXXXX], and I will remain on the faculty at The University of Texas at Austin during [20XX-XX].

____________________________________                           _______________________
[John XXXX], [TITLE, i.e. Professor]                               Date


Last Modified: 10 October 2020