College of Liberal Arts

Governance: Procedures for Staff

The departmental governance structure needs to be reviewed every three years.

How It Works

  1. During the third year of an existing governance structure, the Dean’s Office will send out a reminder to the chair and the senior staff person that the governance structure is due to be reviewed.
  2. The department faculty must review and vote on governance before the last class day of the spring semester of the third year.
  3. After the governance has been voted on, the department sends its proposed governance document to the Dean’s Office (attn: Ann Kelble).

    The governance document and e-mail to the Dean’s Office needs to answer the following questions:
    • What is your current form of governance?
    • What is your proposed form of governance?
    • On what date was the governance vote conducted?
    • What is the composition or makeup of membership, i.e., number of full professors, associate professors, and assistant professors, as appropriate?
  4. Ann Kelble will follow up with the department if there are any questions about the proposed structure.
  5. Notification of approval will be sent to the departments at some point during the summer.



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Last Modified: 3 December 2014