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Post-Tenure Review: Procedures for Staff

All tenured faculty must undergo a comprehensive review after every six years in rank.



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Key Things for the Senior Staffer to Know:

  • Post-Tenure Review is currently called “Comprehensive Periodic Review of Tenured Faculty,” “CPR” for short.
  • A faculty member is due for CPR after serving six years in a tenured rank, and then every six years after that, unless they are promoted (Assoc to Full) or appointed as a dean, provost or president, in which cases the count would restart.  
  • CPRs are typically conducted in the fall or winter. Each review should culminate in a summary report, including an overall performance rating. The report should be discussed with the faculty member being reviewed, and the reviewee should be allowed the opportunity to give feedback before the final report is forwarded to the Dean’s Office. Final reports should include both the department’s rating and the chair’s rating.
  • CPRs are due to the Dean’s Office by February 1. When the CPR report is forwarded to the Dean’s Office, it should be accompanied by the faculty member’s CV, CIS Summary Report, and OGS Committee report.
  • In March, the department will confirm with the Dean’s Office which faculty members are scheduled for a CPR in the following academic year.
  • In early September, the Dean’s Office will distribute course instructor survey (CIS) summary reports and graduate committee reports for all faculty included on the March post-tenure review list.
  • An associate professor may go up for promotion to full professor in the same year that they are scheduled for a CPR.  If they choose to go through the full promotion review, they would not then need to undergo a separate post-tenure review the same year. (Promotion review easily meets the bar of “comprehensive.”). Their next CPR would be scheduled in six years, unless they are successfully promoted, per above.
  • A tenured faculty member may request to defer his/her post-tenure review for one year, usually due to leave or ill health.  In these cases, the chair should send a written request to the dean (c/o Ann Kelble) requesting the deferral.  If the dean approves, the request will be forwarded to the provost for approval.
  • Leaves do not otherwise affect the post-tenure review clock.

Last Modified: 30 January 2018