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Post-Tenure Review: Procedures for Staff

All tenured faculty must undergo post-tenure review every six years.



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Key Things for the Senior Staffer to Know:

  • The six-year post-tenure clock starts from the time of promotion to associate or full professor, or when a professor is hired with tenure, or from the last post-tenure review.
  • Post-tenure reviews are conducted in the fall/winter of the sixth year, and the reports are due to the Dean’s Office on February 1 of the sixth year.
  • When the report is forwarded to the Dean’s Office, the faculty member’s CV and course instructor survey summary report should be attached.
  • In March, the department will notify the Dean’s Office of which faculty members are scheduled for post-tenure review in the following year.
  • In June, the Dean’s Office will distribute course instructor survey and graduate student reports for all faculty included on the March post-tenure review list.
  • An associate professor may go up for promotion to full professor in the same year that he/she is scheduled for a post-tenure review.  If the promotion is successful, then the post-tenure review clock restarts.  If the promotion is unsuccessful, then the post-tenure review must still be conducted in the same year.
  • A tenured faculty member may request to defer his/her post-tenure review for one year, usually due to leave or ill health.  In these cases, the chair should send a written request to the dean requesting the deferral.  If the dean approves, the request will be forwarded to the provost.
  • Leaves do not otherwise affect the post-tenure review clock.

Last Modified: 11 September 2009