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Third-Year Review: Procedures for Staff

Third-year reviews are conducted on assistant professors in their sixth semester at UT Austin. They are normally conducted in the spring.



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Key Things for the Senior Staffer to Know:
  • Third-year reviews are due to the Dean’s Office on April 15 of each year.  The review will consist of a short report (1-2 pages) written and signed by the evaluating body. The departmental chairman may wish to write a short cover memo for the report, but it is not required.
  • In March, departments will notify the Dean’s Office of which Assistant Professors will be undergoing third-year review in the following year.
  • In June, the Dean’s Office will distribute course instructor surveys and graduate student reports for all faculty included on the March third-year review list.
  • In the fall, the Dean’s Office will send out a reminder of which Assistant Professors are scheduled for third-year review.
  • In January of the third year, the Dean’s Office will distribute to the departments updated teaching reports for each of the third-year assistant professors.
  • Leaves may delay a third-year review.

Last Modified: 11 September 2009