College of Liberal Arts

Faculty Separations

There are several ways a faculty member may choose to end their academic appointment with the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin.   The most common ways are retirement, phased retirement, or resignation.

For all separations, consult these checklists:

Additional separation-specific resources are listed in each section below.


When considering full retirement, faculty members are encouraged to directly contact their HR representative to determine retirement eligibility from the university and for assistance with forms and procedures for both ORP and TRS retiree. Click here to find your representative.

In addition, Human Resources also offers a monthly two-hour seminar – “Retiring from UT Austin” that covers retiree insurance enrollment, eligibility, premium billing and payment, Social Security, Medicare and coordination with UT insurance and getting started with ORP or TRS.  Many faculty have found these sessions to be very helpful and informative and they are highly recommended.

Upon deciding to retire from the university, the faculty member should submit an official letter of retirement (email is acceptable) to their department chair. The letter should state that he/she will retire effective XX/XX/XX. Due to our academic calendar, the standard dates for faculty retirements are 1/15/XX, 5/31/XX or 8/31/XX.

Upon receipt of the official retirement notification, the department chair will write an official letter or email accepting the retirement. At a minimum, the letter will state “I accept your retirement effective XX/XX/XX.” and be signed and dated.

The original retirement letter and a copy of the chair’s acceptance will then be uploaded to the faculty Separations Portal.  The department will also send copies of the letter to other departments/centers where the faculty member holds concurrent and/or courtesy appointments.


Phased Retirement provides an option for faculty to “phase” into full retirement using set part-time continued appointments for a period of up to three years.  The Phased Retirement agreement involves reduced appointments in teaching, service and/or scholarship during the set period.  The plan will include the semesters involved, the percentage of appointment, workload and academic duties and compensation. 

If you want to move forward with Phased Retirement, the first step is to discuss the possibility with your chair at least one semester prior to the proposed starting date of the contract.  During this conversation, you will also want to discuss teaching assignments.  The department will work with you to prepare the contract per your conversation.  Before signing a Phased Retirement Contract  (or any retirement-related documents), you are advised to contact a lawyer and/or financial advisor should you desire.

The contract will have specific terms, for a specific period of time not to exceed three years. Any change in the terms after approval would require a written request by you and specific approval by The University.

Entering into a contract for Phased Retirement includes voluntarily waiving any rights, claims, or causes of action that you may have had through the effective date of the contract under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) and its 1990 amendments effected by the Older Workers Benefits Protection Act (OWBPA).

You have twenty-one days to consider the contract after it is drawn up by the Department & reviewed by the Chair and the Budget Council or Executive Committee and then you have seven days after execution of the contract during which you may revoke the contract, in writing. Absent such revocation, the contract shall go into effect on the eighth day following its execution by all parties.

At the end of the phased retirement, you will have resigned from The University and entered into full retirement.


A faculty member may resign voluntarily from the University at any time, although standard resignation dates (due to our academic calendar) are 1/15/XX, 5/31/XX or 8/31/XX. If a faculty member chooses to resign their faculty position at UT Austin, they will need to write an official letter (email is acceptable) to the Chair or Director with the effective date of the intended resignation.

Upon receipt of the official resignation letter, the department chair will write an official letter (or email) accepting the resignation.  At a minimum, this written acceptance should state “I accept your resignation effective XX/XX/XX.” and be signed and dated (if not an email).

The department will upload the resignation letter and a copy of the chair’s acceptance to the Faculty Separations portal: 


Upload faculty separation documents here.



If a faculty member holds concurrent and/or courtesy appointments, they ought to follow the same resignation procedure as above with each unit, but the primary department can facilitate that process by sending copies of the resignation/acceptance to their colleagues in the affected units.