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Sample Retirement Information Cover Letter (Chair to Faculty)


Dear Professor  XXXX :

You have indicated an interest in exploring the options available to you regarding retirement at some point in the future. Retirement is a choice to be made entirely by you. As a University administrator, I cannot offer advice or express any opinion, but I can provide you with supplementary information to use as you consider your options for this very important decision.

Attached is information I hope you will find helpful. You should make a decision only after you have a thorough understanding of all options and have consulted with an attorney, as well as all appropriate offices/agencies/individuals as described in the attachments. If you conclude that one of the retirement options is appropriate for you, please advise me in writing of that decision, and the effective date. Until receiving such a letter, I will assume you are continuing in your current position.

With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,




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Last Modified: 6 August 2009