College of Liberal Arts

Additional Reminders to Staff Administrators for Faculty Separations

__    Check Workday and contact all other departments in which the faculty member holds an appointment, including a zero time appointment, Emeritus, endowment appointment, salary supplement, administrative, or grant appointment.

__    If separation occurs during mid-year, all units with any kind of appointment should do an ACF or ACA document to cancel the appointments. Remarks section should indicate the type of separation and the effective date. Include name of approver and date of approval for Phased Retirement or Emeritus.

__    During budget preparation for the next fiscal year, you will need to verify that  the faculty member has been deleted from all budgeted appointments when appropriate. Include the same information as in Remarks section on ACF or ACA.

__    Set schedule for office to be vacated.

__    Cancel credit cards, long distance codes, signature authorizations, access to electronic information, email accounts, logon IDs, computer accounts, etc.

__    Reclaim for the department’s use any equipment, books, or other items that were purchased with University funds of any kind, including grant, endowment and gift funds.

__    Arrange for forwarding of phone calls and mail.

__    Add any procedures unique to your department.


Last Modified: 4 August 2009