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HRMS Summer Faculty Assignments

Faculty positions (in HRMS) will have a separate section in the Incumbent tab for summer assignments. This will allow summer payments to faculty without interfering with the regular, ongoing long session assignment.

Teaching activities can only be entered by the incumbent's primary department.

Any unit may create a document to enter non-teaching activities.   

Summer rates are automatically calculated as academic rate as of 6/1 plus annualized salaried supplement as of 5/31.   

All summer assignment documents must be received in the Liberal Arts Dean's office is: Friday, June 12th.

The deadline for documents to be received in HR is Thursday, June 18th.

How it Works

Teaching Section

  • Enter unique number to automatically pull in course information and default dates.
  • Account number establishes the applicable salary cap.  The summer session salary cap for COLA remains at $9000/course.
  • Default allocation and percent time are automatically calculated.
  • Defaults can be overridden, but all calculations thereafter must be made manually; percent time is always automatically calculated based on allocation.
  • If unique number needs to be changed, delete existing record and create new one.
  • Please note that since unique numbers are entered in the teaching section, this information does not need to be duplicated in remarks. It is no longer necessary to add enrollment information to Remarks, because that information is automatically displayed and updated.  
  • The document Remarks should state "Summer teaching assignment" if teaching is the only activity. No comments are required in the teaching section unless you override the default information.

Non-Teaching Activities Section

  • Enter account number, begin and end dates, allocation; percent time is automatically calculated based on allocation.
  • For non-teaching assignments, enter in Comments a brief description of activities. 


  • Only one document per position may be in process at a time. A summer assignment document cannot be processed if there is already a document in process on the regular assignment and vice versa.
  • Concurrent summer assignments from other positions are displayed.
  • Courtesy positions do not have summer assignments.
  • Due to a rounding issue with the Summer Assignment document, there may be times when the hours per week will equal 39.996 rather than 40.000. This is a known issue. Please try adjusting the allocation by increasing it by $1, if this does not work because it increases the assignment to over 40 hours, you should process the documents as is.

New Faculty Positions

  • TN/TT: Fall hires start on 8/18 for orientation period.  PAR will push summer assignment and regular long session assignment.
  • NTT summer dates only:   PAR will create the position in HRMS with inactive status.  Must enter the summer assignment in HRMS.
  • NTT summer start extending into long session:  PAR will create position with long session assignment.  Must enter the summer assignment in HRMS.



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Tips or FAQs


  • Authorization to use Summer Assignment functionality is controlled in Electronic Office Management (EOM) or *DEFINE command US1.  To use Summer Assignments,  users must be on a desk/view that is authorized for the JFS command.

HRMS Issues

  • Please submit any comments, recommendations, issues or enhancements to the HRMS team at HRMS Support or by phone at 512-471-8802.  The HRMS team relies heavily on the comments of the users to determine priorities for enhancements.

Last Modified: 18 October 2017