College of Liberal Arts

Summer Session Faculty Assignments

Assignment Dates:

Standard summer assignment dates for faculty teaching summer session courses are as follows:

  • First Summer Session:  June 1- July 15
  • Second Summer Session: July 16 – August 31
  • Nine Week Session: June 1- July 31
  • Twelve Week Term: June 1 – August 31


Summer session teaching should be funded on your summer session accounts: 14-XXXX-2903 for non-tenured faculty and 14-XXXX-2003 for tenured/tenure track faculty.

Summer Teaching Loads:

Faculty members are normally permitted to teach only one course during the summer (one organized course in any of the terms).  A faculty member may be assigned to teach two courses during the summer if the Chair determines that every faculty member qualified to teach has been considered and no other qualified instructor is interested in teaching. The Chair may then assign a faculty member to teach two 12 week courses or one course in each 6 week term.

Advance approval of the Dean must be obtained for all other combinations of teaching two courses. These requests should be sent directly to Dean Richard Flores (with a carbon copy to Cindy Brewer) for approval and should include: 1) course numbers and unique numbers; 2) specific reason why course needs to be offered 3) student enrollment in each course last summer session and 4) projected enrollment for each course this summer session.  All approvals must be noted with approver and date on the HRMS summer assignment document.

Maymester Courses:

Payments to faculty who teach a Maymester course are processed via an HRMS Modify document.  In the Incumbent section, add Additional Pay (type: Maymester) for $9,000 effective 5/1/XX through 5/31/XX.  These payments should be paid using departmental summer session faculty salaries accounts (14-16XX-2X03). Beginning in summer 2017, faculty should also have at least a 0% time assignment for the portion of summer in which they are still traveling with the Maymester program.  This additional 0% assignment will alleviate issues that have arisen with cash advances.

Faculty Compensation and Salary Cap:
Individual Faculty compensation for summer session teaching is calculated on a per course basis.  The stipend for each organized course of 3 or more credit hours normally will be equal to the lesser of 1/6th of the faculty members’ long session rate, or $9,000 (the summer salary cap). Whether a course is 6, 9, or 12 weeks does not affect an individual’s stipend, course duration does, however, affect the percent time appointment that this stipend represents.

Modified Service:

Faculty members on modified service or phased retirement should not normally be scheduled to teach during the summer session.  Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance by Dean Flores and the Provost Office.

New Faculty Assignments in Summer:

 Please note that new faculty that are hired to teach during the summer must have an approved PAR to push the position to HRMS, however summer assignments do not push to HRMS.  Therefore, you must create a summer assignment in HRMS once the PAR has been approved and accepted.

Offer Letters: 

Offer letters should be created for all NTT faculty.  The original signed offer letter and a copy should be directly sent to Cindy Brewer in the Dean’s Office.  If prior to sending out letters of assignment (for individuals not needing a summer PAR), you want the draft letter reviewed, you may email it Cindy Brewer.  Sample offer letters for summer teaching are available online at:

Summer Insurance for Faculty:

Information regarding summer insurance for faculty is available at:


Summer Research Assignments:

A faculty member may be assigned to a grant account, an endowment, or other non-instructional funds for up to three summer months.  If the faculty member is paid on a grant, please keep in mind that these assignments must follow any rules or policies from the granting agency.  If a faculty member (non-holder) is paid on an endowment, please make sure that the faculty member is nominated as a fellow on the endowment.  (Please contact David Macha with questions concerning fellowship nominations.)

Departmental Chair/Director Assignments:

Department Chairs and Academic Program Directors are typically appointed for two summer months.  Compensation for these administrative appointments is based on the individual’s summer rate and is not subject to the salary cap provision.  These assignments are created by the Dean’s Office, based on the terms of appointment as chair or director. 

In the event a department chair or director is also teaching a summer session course, the instructional assignment period will be for a period of 1 month.  Because this portion of the assignment is instructional in nature, the summer salary cap will be applied proportionally.  Faculty may not be appointed for more than 3 months during the summer.  In cases where the chair or director is appointed for 2 months  for serving as chair or director, the remaining 1 month appointment for teaching will be capped at $6,000 ($9,000 x 4/6).  The stipend for this appointment should be funded from the summer instructional budget.



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Last Modified: 18 October 2017