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Biographical Records and PARs

Final approval and the formal offer.

Once the PAR has final approval, the electronic document will enter “Approved” status and will show “Offer Pending” (see Section 7 in *DEFINE). A PDF document of approved tenured PARs will be e-mailed to the college PAR contact as a notification that approval is complete.

At this point, the candidate is recognized as Prospective Faculty in the UT EID system and you should create a Biographical Record using the Biographical Record Wizard.

The academic unit is now authorized to send the approved formal offer letter to the candidate. Please be sure that all letters to tenured and tenure-track faculty use the correct start date.

If you have employees working or residing outside of the state of Texas action is required.

HRMS Users,
If you have employees who work in another state, or in a foreign country, that information should be updated in HRMS.  Keeping this information current ensures compliance with tax laws and accuracy of worker’s compensation insurance reporting.
These incumbent details were not transferred from the appointment system to HRMS so it’s important that you update this information now.  This is a straight update, so a document will not need to route for approval.

Please follow these steps to make update location information for an incumbent:
Go to Incumbent Details. Make sure you update location information on Incumbent Details rather than Position Details.

  • Change the View as of date to 11/01/2009 or the actual effective date, whichever is later.
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the page to the section titled Location Information.
  • Click on [edit] in the upper right corner of this section.
  • Under Residency and Actual Work Location click on the lookup icon next to each State and/or Country field and choose the appropriate location.
  • Click [save] in the upper right corner of this section to complete these updates.

When creating new assignments be sure you update these fields for incumbents working outside the state of Texas.  Additionally, this information should be updated any time the incumbent’s work location changes.  Remember that the View as of date represents the effective date for all straight updates on this page.   
NOTE: Because this concerns tax laws, this change should be made to the incumbent within a position, on the Incumbent Details page. No change needs to be made to location information on the Position Details page, unless the location from where the position is administered/managed is also changing.  


Important Information: Reassigning students for the spring semester

Student reassignment activity is increasing in HRMS. With this increase in activity, the HRMS team wants to share one issue that has recently surfaced.

We have noticed that some HRMS users have been processing student reassignments incorrectly, which could have negative impacts on payroll. Below are instructions to guide you through the correct process to reassign students and a description of what you should avoid.

CORRECT PROCESS: If you need to create a new spring semester assignment for a student, you should click the Assign link to create a new Assignment document.

INCORRECT PROCESS: Some users have inadvertently been changing assignment dates by clicking the Modify link and creating a Modify document. Users should NOT modify fall semester assignment dates for an incumbent. Doing this will in effect cancel the previous fall assignment, which will result in payroll record-keeping issues.

To prevent inadvertent assignment changes, a warning message will soon be added to HRMS to prompt users when changing assignment dates.  Please remember that to reassign students, a new assignment should be created. Modifying will only change an existing  assignment for student positions.

Summer Assignments for Faculty

When can I modify or create new summer assignments or make adjustments to existing summer assignments for faculty positions?

Other than cancelling summer assignments through *DEFINE appointments, no other actions can be taken at this time.

Functionality for summer assignments will be added to HRMS in April 2010 during the Phase 2.5 release of HRMS. In conjunction with summer assignments, functionality will be added to HRMS that will allow a faculty member’s assignment to have increased hours per week in a classified or A&P position during the summer. More announcements and information on summer assignments in HRMS will become available to users in the spring.

Owning Units and Funding Units

Do I need special authorization to fund a position with an account number that is not associated with the position’s owning unit?

In HRMS positions can be funded from a unit that is different from the owning unit. Unlike in *DEFINE, special authorization is not necessary for the owning unit to enter any account number into the Funding section of a Modify document.  Although no special authorization is required, communication between the owning and funding unit will still be necessary, just as when we were still in *DEFINE.  To further facilitate the coordination between the owning and funding units, in HRMS, a document routes for approval through both the owning unit and the funding unit(s), if the funding unit is different from the owning unit.

Assignment Functionality Update

In response to user issues, the HRMS team has loosened an assignment audit. We are informing you of this change in case you have pending documents or work that may be affected.

When ending an assignment for a classified or A&P position, the system will no longer enforce a hard audit when “End Assignment” is used as a separation reason (previously, users would receive an error if “End Assignment” was selected as a separation reason for assignments lasting longer than 4.5 months). If “End Assignment” is selected as a separation reason, the user will now receive this warning: “End Assignment should only be used for temporary assignments or assignments with predetermined end dates.”

HRMS Support & Reporting Issues

ATTN: The Web form for reporting bugs or asking questions is temporarily not working properly. The HRMS team is working to resolve this. In the mean time, please report issues via the support line at 232-7316 or by e-mailing Once the Web form is working properly again, notification will be posted to the home page of HRMS under News & Announcements.

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Last Modified: December 15 2009