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Inventory Portal

The Web-based Departmental Inventory Portal is a subsystem of the Financial Resource Management System (FRMS), which can used to update items for annual inventory. It is used to perform the following tasks:

  • Mark items as found, missing, or not found 
  • Easily update location, comments, responsible person, and other data fields  
  • View inventory information about units, items, and number of items in a unit 
  • Download report data

Note: Using this web-based system will increase the chances of your unit being audited. It is recommended by Inventory Services to use *DEFINE NV1 or a scanner to track your items. 

How It Works

Departmental Inventory Portal Authorizations

Authorization to View

Authorization for *DEFINE NV1 in Electronic Office Management (EOM) is required to view all pages in the Departmental Inventory Portal.

Authorization to Update
In order to make direct updates to a unit in the Department Inventory Portal, a user must be on a desk that is linked to a view with access to that unit, and the linked desk/view must have command authorization update or super status in Electronic Office Management (EOM).

Departmental Inventory Portal Navigation


Tabs appear at the top of each Web page in the Financial Resource Management System (FRMS) and are used for navigation to various subsystems. The Departmental Inventory Portal is accessed from the Procurement first-level tab and then the Inventory tab. From the Inventory tab, the Item ListItem Details, and Mass Update tabs are used to view and make direct updates to inventory items.
The page you are currently on will be identified by an orange indicator arrow on the tab.


Departmental Inventory Portal uses icons throughout the system that serve a variety of functions.




The lookup icon is used to search for field specific data.


The Help icon is used to access information on specific, context-level topics.  A new window opens and offers assistance with the associated term or concept.


The information icon next to an inventory number is used to view additional details about an item.


The up/down arrow icon is used to reorder data in charts, tables, and columns.


Departmental Inventory Portal Views

Item List

The Item List tab allows users to create a list for inventory items by unit code using filters, sorting, and search boxes. Users can also download an Excel spreadsheet that contains the search results.

To view additional details about an inventory item, click the information icon  View help content in a new window.  next to the inventory number. 

To view a complete list of item details, click the inventory number, which will take you to the Item Details tab.

NoteOnly one unit’s inventory list can be viewed at a time. The items that belong to subunits of a master unit will NOT be visible on the master unit’s item list screen.

Item Details

The Item Details tab allows users to search for items, view details of items and elements, and make direct updates to individual inventory items, including the status, responsible person, and location details. To search for an inventory item, type the inventory item number in the Item Number field and click Go. The item details will be displayed. 

Location Information
If an item is associated with multiple locations, the display will show as *varies.* This is a warning that the department should review the location of the elements associated with that item, because they are listed as being in different locations. If the elements are actually in the same location and belong to the same unit code, the department can update the element locations in the *DEFINE NV1 command. If the elements belong to different units, contact Inventory Services. To view details about the elements, click Show Elements in the bottom left-hand corner.  

Status Information
The Status of any item can be found, not found, missing, or stolen. All statuses except stolen can be updated by an authorized person. To change the status of an item to stolen, see What should I do if an inventoried item is stolen?

Responsible Person
The responsible person is the person who has the equipment in his or her possession and will safeguard the asset to ensure it is not lost or stolen. The responsible person can bring the equipment to the inventory contact for scanning during the annual inventory process or can report on the status and whereabouts of the item(s). For example, if a staff member is issued a laptop to use at home or at the office, the staff member is the person responsible for the laptop. In the case of a computer lab, the responsible person would be the one that oversees the lab.


Direct Updates

Direct updates are those do not require approval. These include: status, responsible person, and location. These updates can be made from the Item Details page. 

Note: Many direct updates will occur within a few minutes, but some may occur overnight. If  the update does not occur immediately, do not resubmit the request. Instead, verify later that day or the next day to confirm that it has occurred. An e-mail notification will be sent to the updater if the update is unsuccessful.


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Last Modified: 09 October 2019