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The Office of Accounting, Inventory Services sets all policies and provides all forms having to do with inventory. See their website for specifics.


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Tips or FAQs

  • Before processing NT1 documents to transfer computer equipment to UT Surplus, please contact the Liberal Arts Computer Support Team to see if any of the unwanted computer equipment should be saved for our own College of Liberal Arts surplus.
    Liberal Arts Computer Support
  • For items that require an inventory tag, please continue to include a brief description, the serial number and location in the voucher description. In cases, where there are multiple items, please state "see notes" and include the information in the doc notes.
  • When processing a VP1 for equipment that will require a UT tag (e.g., computer equipment) under “Voucher Description” include a brief description of what was purchased, its location, and serial number. Example: “iMac 20”-Geb. 3.300-SERIAL NUMBER.” Also be sure to indicate under “Voucher Description” the person associated with the purchase order (i.e., the person for whom the equipment was purchased). To see what purchases should be tagged, visit
  • Please include the UT tag number in the voucher comments for VP1 and VP7 documents for tagged items.

Last Modified:12 April 2010