College of Liberal Arts

PO (Purchase Orders, including PBO, PB3, PB4)

The information for which type of purchase order is used and the rules pertaining to such are found via the UT Purchasing Office Web site.

Click on Faculty/Staff help link in the Navigation menu

At the new screen you will see a great number of links to aid in various processes.

Click on “Faculty & Staff Handbook” which takes you to a new page: and scroll down to the link for “Summary of Purchasing Authority.” This will fast forward you down the page to the chart outlining which type of purchase order is appropriate for amounts and the rules that apply to each PO use.


Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. PPT files require Microsoft Viewer.


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Tips or FAQs

  • Regalia for use at commencement may be rented (and sometimes, but rarely, purchased) using local funds.
  • If you are processing a PO for expenses related to student travel, please state in the document notes that the terms of the Student Travel Policy have been followed (forms filled out, releases obtained, etc.).

Last Modified: 5 August 2009