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VP1 (Purchase Order Payment Request)

Consult the VP1 Crosswalk (under the User's Guide link in the Handbook of Business Procedures) for step-by-step instructions for completing the VP1 in *DEFINE.


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Tips or FAQs

  • When processing a VP1 for equipment that will require a UT tag (e.g., computer equipment) under “Voucher Description” include a brief description of what was purchased, its location, and serial number. Example: “iMac 20”-Geb. 3.300-SERIAL NUMBER.” Also be sure to indicate under “Voucher Description” the person associated with the purchase order (i.e., the person for whom the equipment was purchased). To see what purchases should be tagged, visit (Scroll down to “Additional Resources.”)
  • Make sure you are using the proper codes for check distribution, as specified in the OA Handbook re Voucher Processing (PDF). Use “F” for payments sent to a foreign address, “C” for payments sent to a campus address, “U” for direct deposit & payments sent US mail, “T” for payments accompanied by attachments.
  • Voucher payment documents cannot combine state and local funds; please split payment between two vouchers.
  • Make sure that the VP1 is approved by two departmental approvers before routing to the Dean’s Office for approval.
  • Please use “P”artial if you are not paying the final payment on a PO, or “C”omplete if this is the final and complete payment for a PO (which will disencumber the remaining funds).
  • VP1s may not be used to pay/reimburse moving expenses; this must be done with a VP2. This is the case even if a moving company requires a purchase order. You can find more information re moving expenses from The University of Texas Human Resources Office.
  • Oversized Backup: Oversized Backup is any backup that is larger than a standard 8½” X 11” sheet of paper. Oversized backup must be reduced to 8½” X 11” before submitting it to IDS. Because the reduced copy is not an original invoice, to be in compliance with UT payment guidelines it must be certified as an original invoice that was copied for scanning purposes.
  • Late Vouchers: Any voucher processed more than 60 days from date of purchase or service must be accompanied by a memo (on departmental letterhead) from the Chair/Director explaining why the voucher is being submitted late. If the voucher is for a reimbursement for the Chair/Director, it must be signed by Chief Business Officer Kimberly Biar which can be scanned and submitted electronically to Michelle Hughes.

Last Modified: 30 March 2011