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VP7 (Pro Card Payment Voucher)

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The VP7 is automatically created once a month based on Pro Card charges by card holders.

VP7/Pro Card Policies:

  • GIFT CARDS ARE A DISALLOWED PURCHASE ON PROCARDS. Consult the complete list of disallowed Pro Card purchases here.
  • Flowers for official university related purposes may be purchased from program support, chair and professorship endowments - as long as the donor agreement does not stipulate otherwise. Fellowships and student support endowments may not be used for flower purchases. Greeting cards cannot be purchased with endowment funds; neither can flowers, food & other items for sympathy/funeral, birthday, or get well (i.e., NOT for official, university-related purposes).

How it Works

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  1. Cardholder makes Pro Card purchase. Department staff may opt to require card users to fill out the Pro Card Charge Form (PDF) and to submit this to the department with receipts. Dean’s Office staff must fill out this form for their Pro Card purchases.
  2. Department staff submits VP7 docs in *DEFINE by monthly Dean’s Office deadline. Most of you will receive e-mails by the 10th of each month from the Purchasing Office detailing their monthly deadline for approval of VP7 documents. The Dean’s Office deadline will be 3-4 days before the PO deadline.

    Please review the transactions on each document and verify them against your receipts. If the purchase is a CONTROLLED ITEM, please include the name of merchandise purchased in the comments section or on the second line of the voucher comments and where it is located. This will greatly assist the Inventory Control staff in tagging controlled items. You must use the appropriate object code for all controlled items, regardless of the account being charged. Refer to (Scroll down to “Additional Resources”) if you need help deciding which items are controlled items. Contact Inventory @ 512-471-3838 for information on controlled items.

    There are different rules for submission depending on who is the document creator. In general, the person designated (in *DEFINE via US1) as the first contact for these documents for your unit code will be the document creator. If paying from an endowment account, Michelle Hughes will be the first contact and document creator.
    • If the document shows you as the creator, please type APP at Action no later than 12 noon 3-4 days prior to the Purchasing deadline) so we can meet the Purchasing deadline. Please also change the object codes for all items purchased. You can refer to the GG8 & GG9 screens for help with the object codes. You should also refer to the Office of Accounting’s Coding Table for Purchases of Controlled items. You can also change the account number if you're the document creator.
    • If the document shows Michelle Q. Hughes as the creator, you must type RET at Action to RETURN it to the Dean's Office. Refer to the Pro Card charge form for format.
    • If the document shows Rita Mosley as the creator, she will be in touch with your department.
    More tips for completing the VP7:
    • You no longer need to type the long notes on VP7 documents. Instead, please type brief descriptions in the Comments area of section 3.
    • Please include the OOEF number in the document notes or in section 3.
    • If the voucher corresponds to a credit, please provide the document ID for the original charge in the comments area of section 3.
    • If a procard was used to purchase items for someone other than the individual cardholder, you will still need to state who the item is for and may do so in the comments or document notes sections.
    • For items that require an inventory tag, please continue to include a brief description, the serial number and location in the voucher description. In cases, where there are multiple items, please state "see notes" and include the information in the doc notes.
  3. VP7 routes to Dean’s Office for approval if the card is linked to an endowment account. Otherwise, the department is the final approver and the document routes directly to OA.
  4. Submit original paperwork to OA. The original receipts with a copy of the VP7 voucher cover sheet should be sent to OA Document Processing for scanning, etc. The Dean’s Office recommends that you make a copy of the paperwork (voucher cover sheet, receipts, OOEFs if appropriate) to keep on file for one year. The copy kept on file in the department can be disposed of after one year if all of the pages appear when you log onto the Image Retrieval System (UT EID required). If paperwork is not sent to OA for imaging, the department will need to store them for a minimum of 8 years and request approval to dispose once all retention criteria is met.


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Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. PPT files require Microsoft Viewer.


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Tips or FAQs

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  • If you have a Pro Card linked to an endowment account, or if the card is used by staff in the Dean's Office, you will need to type the following information in the document notes:
    • Vendor’s name
    • What was purchased
    • Date of purchase
    • Total cost
    • Purpose of purchase
    • If someone other than the card holder is going to use the item(s) purchased, provide their name.
  • If water or food was purchased, remember you must use a local account (30- or some 19-); that goes for anything that goes in the mouth. You should use the entertainment object codes for food/water purchases. Please use 1323 for water and 1327 for food, etc. Document notes for food charges, greeting cards, and flowers for an event must include the CoLA web OOEF requisition number.
  • If flowers or greeting cards were purchased for an individual, provide that person's name, title, affiliation and the reason for the purchase. If the flowers were for an event, please provide the CoLA web OOEF requisition number.
  • If you are using endowment or dean’s funds and you are purchasing food, beverages, greetings cards, and/or flowers for an event, you need to provide the OOEF number in the notes or in section 3 (the standard CoLA rules for OOEFs apply; you can omit notes if you use the CoLA web OOEF).
  • If the document concerns a tax refund or credit, please type very brief notes explaining the reason for this credit (what was returned & why it was returned) plus you must include the document ID for the original purchase. You must also change the object code to match the item purchased or returned. If the document shows Michelle Q. Hughes (LAMQH) as the creator, she will change the object code according to the information you have provided in the document notes.
  • If the department is the creator, make sure that the VP7 is approved by two departmental approvers before routing forward.
  • The Dean’s Office can only change account numbers if they are in the same desk/view. Please remember to change them via a VT6 document once the VP7 has been approved.
  • Effective immediately, if you wish to use your procard when purchasing alcohol you must seek prior approval via an email to Chief Business Officer Kimberly Biar with cc to Michelle Hughes.  If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Michelle Hughes.
  • Procards may now be used to make purchases via PayPal. PayPal has been removed from the University's disallowed vendor list on the Procurement Card site effective 3/7/12.

Last Modified: 6 November 2009