College of Liberal Arts



A co-sponsorship is funding for a specific event or function, that is planned, hosted, and sponsored by an external organization or student group, where the University of Texas at Austin participates in the event and receives a benefit as well as recognition for the co-sponsorship. Two types of forms are used based on whether a 26-account or a non-26 account is used.

COLA Policies and Best Practices

  • Payments to internal units and organizations should be completed using a transfer document or direct use of the department's account with prior authorization.
  • Supporting documentation should include a memo, signed invoice, and relevant event budget information.
  • The completed form should be submitted using the Co-sponsorship approval form for required Deans' signatures.
  • Payments should be processed no later than two weeks prior to event.
  • For information on processing co-sponsorship payments, please see HBP 9.1.10



Last Modified: 11 October 2019