College of Liberal Arts



Entertainment expenditures include food and beverages, facility rentals, flowers, invitations, and other similar expenses and must serve a business purpose.

COLA Policies & Best Practices

  • All entertainment payments require an approved Official Occasion Expense Form.
  • The University is exempt from the mixed beverage tax and state sales tax.
  • If the Dean hosts an event, the OOEF must be approved by the Provost.
  • When possible, a house account should be used for vendors.
  • If guest spouse is in attendance, chair spouse is allowable.
  • Tips should not exceed 20% of the subtotal (excluding alcohol, taxes, and fees).
  • All purchases must adhere to the $75/person limit, and not be more than 50% alcohol.
  • The OOEF should reflect business reason and benefit to the university.
  • All vendors for a single event should be included on one OOEF when possible.
  • Sales tax for delivery is no longer reimbursable - dine in tax only.


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Last Modified: 11 October 2019