College of Liberal Arts

Procurement Card (ProCard)


 The Procurement Card (also known as a ProCard) is a restrictive credit card. A ProCard is the preferred method for purchasing goods or business services for departmental use. Charges are reconciled monthly using a VP7 document.

Disallowed Purchases

COLA Policies & Best Practices

  • If interested in obtaining a ProCard, first consult with your department staff.
  • If your ProCard is lost, stolen, or has a fraudulent charge, contact Natalie Kendrick (512-471-4266) as soon as possible.
  • Requests to increase card and transaction limits must route through the COLA CBO.
  • ProCard cannot be used at restaurants or on travel expenses.
  • Cardholders should monitor card activity at CitiDirect Global Card Managment System. Users will need to self-register prior to login. Personal reconciliations recommended weekly.
  • If card is available for use by non-cardholders, a log should be maintained to record name of borrower, date checked out, date returned, vendor, and amount. We recommend the card be returned to cardholder within 24 hours.
  • Non-cardholders should not save card information.
  • Create work-specific accounts with vendors whenever possible (i.e. Amazon).
  • Billing address, Tax ID, and Card Pin number should be noted for ease of purchasing.
  • If Employee Identification Number is needed, contact Natalie Kendrick (512-471-4266).
  • Know transaction and overall limit prior to using card.
  • Be sure to get receipts for ALL transactions, including refunds and refunds of sales tax.
  • Controlled items will require an Inventory Tag Number. This number and the serial number will need to be noted on VP7.
  • Receipts should be submitted to procard holder within 3 days of purchase.


Natalie Kendrick, Procurement Card Administrator, 512-471-4266

Andrew Beachum, COLA CBS Assistant Manager, 512-232-1763