College of Liberal Arts

Purchase Orders


A Purchase Order is a prior approved document used to obtain goods and services that holds the vendor to a guaranteed price and supply without a contract. 

COLA Policies and Best Practices

  • When the amount is under $999, a Procard may be used in lieu of a Purchase Order. Procard rules and restrictions apply.
  • There are three types of Purchase Orders, each with their own set of policies. For amounts under and equal to $15,000, a PBO document is used. For amounts between $15,000.01 and $50,000, a PB3 document is used. For amounts over $50,000.01, a PB4 document is used.
  • When creating document, verify intended document type is correct (PBO, PB3, PB4).
  • For best results, commodity code may also be searched for in Point Plus. Incorrect commodity code could delay or prevent successful payment.


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Last Modified: 11 October 2019