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Work Orders (including WRR, WRP)

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CRIB documents are for use when requesting: Construction, Renovation, Installation, or Building. For all other small requests for service (i.e. hanging a picture, scheduling a vacuum cleaning), either the SR10 or WORQ request (UT EID required) should be used.

There are two types of CRIB documents. The first, the WRR, is a request for an estimate. The second, the WRP, is a request for actual performance of work.

How it Works

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  1. To be authorized as a creator of CRIB documents, your Departmental Management System contact will need to add your EID to the routing system. The CRIB document can be found at (UT EID required).
  2. Complete work request document. Visit for comprehensive support and “how-to” documents.

    All work orders, regardless of the form used, shall be signed by the associate dean for research and technology.

    On the WRR, an account number is not required; however, if there is an intent to request institutional funds to pay for the project, please contact the associate dean for research and technology (2-2018) for prior approval to submit the request. If instructional funds are not requested, and departmental funds will be used, the document may be submitted without pre-approval.


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Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. PPT files require Microsoft Viewer.


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Tips or FAQs

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  • All workorders must route to the Assistant Dean for Instructional Technology Services for signature.
  • All SR10s must have an account number.

Last Modified: 18 November 2010