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Creating a Position and Creating a Job Posting in HRMS

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How It Works

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The HRMS User Guide covers nearly everything you need to know. As an addendum to the Guide, below you will find a few important notes specific to this process in CoLA.

General Section
General Position Notes
  • For jobs that will be posted University-Wide or Open, put your Branding Statement
  • For jobs that are paid on grant accounts, include a statement that explains when the funding may end, such as: Funding subject to renewal on [date].
  • Include any other instructions for applicants here.
Salary and Funding Section

The University is operating under a hiring freeze of all staff positions until August 31, 2010. Until this date, this sentence is required in the Funding Statement of all new position and recruit documents:

“Kimberly Biar, Chief Business Officer in Dean Randy Diehl’s office, confirmed that this request meets the College of Liberal Arts guidelines for exemption to the hiring freeze based on [Reason].”
  • The list of reasons is:
    • Essential to operations
    • Funded fully by sponsored projects
    • Funded by a sponsored account
    • Temporary, not eligible for benefits
    • Hourly positions, not eligible for benefits
  • If your reason is that the position is essential to operations, then you need to request a waiver to the hiring freeze from the Dean’s Office before submitting your HRMS document.
Recruiting Section
  • Please add Gail Davis (gad) and Ann Kelble (carrae) as delegates for all postings.
  • The following additional materials are required on all postings: Letter of Interest and three Work References.


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Last Modified:22 October 2009