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OV6 (Departmental Vacation Voucher)

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Use the OV6 when paying out vacation or floating holiday pay when an employee is separating. If the employee is transferring to another state agency, they have the option of taking this pay as time instead.

How It Works

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When completing the OV6:
  • Under “Account,” hit F4. Pick option 1.
  • Enter the EID and the term date (the end date of the appointment)
  • Under “pay type,” put in either vacation (VA), floating holiday (FH) or holiday (HP). Note: If you are separating an employee and their remaining vacation days extend over an existing holiday, then use “HP” to pay them for the holiday, in addition to their vacation days.
  • “Job Class” = Job Code
  • The system will ask you: “Separation form has been forwarded?” Say “yes.”


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We do not pay for comp time. Consult the university’s comp time policy for more information.

Last Modified: 11 September 2009