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Reclassification Requests

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Reclassification requests may only be made for employees in a classified or A&P title. Classification decisions are based solely on the responsibilities and duties assigned to a position. Employees' overall credentials and personal circumstances are not considered in creating a classification document for positions.

How It Works

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  1. Verify eligibility. The employee must be in a classified or A&P title. It's helpful if supervisors contact CoLA HR at this stage, before going through the trouble of sending in a request, in case the reclassification request would be more appropriately handled in other ways.
  2. Review job descriptions. The supervisor should review and compare employee's current job description and the job description of the desired position. Job descriptions (searchable by job code) can be found at Look under job titles/pay plans.
  3. Complete the Reclassification Request Form. Attach department/center Organization Chart and any additional information as needed.
  4. Send completed form and required documentation to the Dean's Office, HR Division. Mail Code G6000.
  5. Dean’s Office reviews request. Once Dean-level review is complete, the recommendation will be reported to the employee's supervisor.
  6. University HR approves request. Reclassification requests must be approved by the University's HR Office, Compensation Section before they can be considered final. CoLA HR will notify supervisors whether the request is approved or denied.
  7. Create a document in HRMS to reclassify the position. Creating a reclassification document in HRMS is very similar to creating a new position, however, there are a few key things that are different:
    • In the Qualifications section, the minimum qualifications for the new job title will be automatically loaded. Do not add to the required or preferred qualifications.
    • In the Incumbent section, you will list the employee’s qualifications as they relate to the minimum qualifications for the job title.


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Tips or FAQs

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  • The Liberal Arts Reclassification Request form must be completed and approved before an HRMS reclassification is created.
  • Job duties may evolve over time without requiring a change in title. Some questions to think about if you are requesting a reclassification:
    • How has the position changed? Is it more complex? Is there a higher consequence of error?
    • Why has the position changed?
    • What is the impact of this position on the mission of the department, college, or university?

Last Modified: 12 November 2010