College of Liberal Arts

TA/AI Long Session Assignments

The periods of assignment for Long Session TA/AIs are

  • Fall Semester: 9/1 – 1/15
  • Spring Semester: 1/16 – 5/31

Typically, TAs/AIs are assigned for 20 hrs/week, however the maximum assignment in these titles is 30 hrs/week.  AIs should not be assigned to teach more than one course.

Departments and units typically fund these positions with their soft money allocations from the college.  Long session TA/AI assignments are generally funded with the department’s -2002 sub-account. 

TA/AI rates are standard in the College of Liberal Arts.  Rates for the current academic year are available here: COLA TA/AI Rates

How It Works

HRMS documents:

Once the course schedule is released, you may begin creating your TA/AI assignments, however please remember that all TA/AIs you are assigning must have registered and paid for the before the document will route forward for approval. 

For each student assigned on your document, you should include:  Course ID, Unique Number, and supervising faculty member in the remarks.   If a student qualifies for a TA II rate based on a Master’s Degree from another institution or graduate hours, please note in remarks.



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Last Modified: 18 October 2017