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TA/AI Summer Assignments

When looking to assign TA/AIs for the summer session in your unit, first verify that you have pooled positions specifically for the summer.  Each unit should have 3 TA/AI pooled summer positions as follows: AI Summer Session, TA I (with BA) Summer Session, and TA II (with MA) Summer Session. 

The difference in the Long Session and Summer positions is the source of funding.  Long session TA/AI assignments should be (typically) funded with your -2002 sub-account and those for summer assignments should be funded with your -2004 sub-account.

The periods of assignment for TA/AIs for summer are:

  • Summer Session 1: 6/1 - 7/15
  • Summer Session 2: 7/16 - 8/31
  • 9 week Summer Session: 6/1 - 7/31
  • 12 week Summer Session: 6/1 - 8/31

TAs are paid by the course, thus a TA appointed for Summer Session 1 or 2 would be assigned at 100% time whereas a TA assigned for the 9 wk summer session, would be assigned at 75% time and a TA assigned for the 12 week summer session would be assigned at 50% time.  AIs are assigned for 100% time no matter what session to which they are appointed.

How It Works

HRMS documents:

 Once the summer course schedule is released, you may begin creating your summer TA/AI assignments.  Please remember that all TA/AIs you are assigning must have registered and paid for the summer session before the document will route forward for approval. 

For each student assigned on your document, you should include:  Course ID, Unique Number, and supervising faculty member in the remarks.   If a student qualifies for a TA II rate based on a Master’s Degree from another institution or graduate hours, please also note in remarks. 

For new TA/AI employees, please also include whether or not the student will continue in the fall for 20 hours/ 4 1/2 months in order for HRS to determine benefit eligibility.  



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Last Modified: 18 October 2017