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TA/AI Summer Assignments

The main difference between Long Session and Summer TA or AI jobs is the source of funding.  Long session TA/AI assignments should be (typically) funded with your 20-16XX-2002 sub-account and those for summer assignments should be funded with your 20-16XX-2004 sub-account.

Example costing allocation:

  • 11/1/2018-5/31/2019 on AC20-16XX-2002
  • 6/1/2019-open end date on AC20-16XX-2004

**Exception: assigning 0% to retain benefits can stay on AY AC20-16XX-2002 account.

The date ranges for assigning TA/AIs for summer are:

  • Summer Session 1: 6/1 - 7/15
  • Summer Session 2: 7/16 - 8/31
  • 9 week Summer Session: 6/1 - 7/31
  • 12 week Summer Session: 6/1 - 8/31

CoLA Summer 2019 TA/AI Rates and Scheduled Weekly Hours (SWH)

Note that TAs are paid per course, so SWH are adjusted to equalize stipends.

How It Works

Workday Process:

When getting ready to assign TAs or AIs to summer jobs, the Workday Business Process (BP) may vary, depending on the individual student’s situation. Please refer to the Graduate Academic Summer Job Matrix – 2019 for guidance in choosing the correct BP.

For each Summer TA or AI BP, please use the COLA Summer 2019 TA/AI Rates and SWH to determine the appropriate monthly rate and SWH to use.

Please also be sure to include the following information in the BP Comments:

  • Brief explanation of what you are trying to do, including:
  • Course Number (ex. AMS 301)
  • Unique Number
  • Supervising Faculty Member
  • Which Session (1st, 2nd, 9-week)
  • If this is a new TA or AI job, include whether or not you expect the student to have a benefits-eligible job in the Fall

Ex. “Adding Jane Smith as a second summer session TA for 01234 AMS s301 taught by Prof. Jones. at TA 2 rate on 20-16XX-2004.”



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Last Modified: 30 April 2019