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Foreign Travel

If you are processing a VE5 or VE6 for foreign travel (any country except US, Mexico, Canada, and US possessions) on state funds (all 14- & 20- accounts), you will need to request the dean’s permission using the Approval request for foreign travel on state funds form. The VE5/VE6 should be completed prior to submitting this form. Once approved, this will be sent to the Office of Accounting to be scanned. 

For VE6/RTA amendment documents created to add a state account, please state in the document notes that you are adding a state account. If the original RTA did not include a state account, please use the Approval request for foreign travel on state funds form. however if the VE6 is to add a second state account the original approval of foreign travel on state funds is sufficient.

Approval to travel during the first/last week of class or during final exams should come from the department chair. However, if the department chair is seeking approval to travel during these periods, a request must be sent to Assoc. Dean Steven Hoelscher, copying Hannah McKenna.

Always consult the UT Policy on International Travel to Restricted Regions.

All Requests for Travel Restriction Exceptions must go to Kaley Aguero.


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More on these regulations can be found in the Handbook of Business Procedures: Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


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Tips or FAQs

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  • Prior approval is not required for foreign travel on local accounts (accounts beginning with 19-, 30-, 26-, 41-, and a few others).
  • Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and US possessions are not considered foreign and do not require approval to use state funds.

Last Modified: 10 October 2019