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5/18/21- As travel begins to restart around the country and the world, below are some useful updates that detail how to submit different types of travel requests through Docusign for Dean’s Office approval and what needs to be included in each Docusign envelope. If you are new to Docusign or need more information on how to use it, please click here.

Restricted Regions/International Travel Request Form
Dean’s Delegate: Associate Dean Hoelscher
Docusign Routing Instructions:
Needs to Include:

Texas Global does receive a copy of the final, completed request after successful submission to the Dean’s Office.


Domestic Travel Exception Request (Faculty/Staff/Students)
Dean’s Delegate: Associate Dean Crosnoe
Exception Request Form
Docusign Routing Instructions
Example Docusign Document
Needs to Include: please be sure that every question is filled out with as much detail as possible to ensure a smoother review process

Types of Funds Allowed:
  • Endowments
  • Research Grants
  • External Fellowships
  • Endowed Professorship/Chair
  • Personal Funds

Program Level Domestic Travel Request
Dean’s Delegate: Associate Dean Crosnoe
Application Form
Docusign Routing Instructions
Needs to Include:
  • Application form
  • Any attachments that pertain to information required

Non-UT Guests/Visitors/Scholars/Researchers
Dean’s Delegate (Domestic): Associate Dean Crosnoe
Dean’s Delegate (International): Associate Dean Hoelscher
Form Link
Docusign Routing Instructions:

Unit Head Travel Pre-Approval*
*Required if your unit head is traveling either during the first/last week of classes or during finals periods.

Dean’s Delegate: Associate Dean Hoelscher
Form Link
Docusign Routing Instructions

If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact Kaley Aguero.


9/29/20- The college is currently accepting domestic travel requests that allow for travel on endowments, research grants, external fellowships, and personal funds but not any UT support (except for an endowed professorship/chair). These requests will need to be filled out ENTIRELY before being submitted to Kaley Aguero for final approval. Please be sure to obtain the chair's signature before submitting it to Kaley. An approved domestic travel request must be obtained before traveling. 

Domestic Travel Request Form

3/6/2020- Effective immediately, all future international university-related travel must be booked by the UT Austin contracted travel agents or Concur UT’s online booking tool.

Given the evolving situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and in an effort to protect employees’ health and financial interests, travel to CDC Level 2 and 3 travel advisory locations for coronavirus is restricted. Travel to these areas will require authorization from the International Oversight Committee as well as additional university authorities. Travelers will be required to forward their International Oversight Committee approval letter to the travel agencies prior to airfare issuance.

Booking Airfare

Once the traveler's RTA is final approved, the traveler may arrange travel through one of the University's three approved methods.

Anthony Travel
Travel can be booked by phone, email, or via the online reservation request form.
Local phone: (512) 617-8444
Toll-Free phone: (800) 684-2044

Online portal to make travel arrangements.

Corporate Travel Planners
Travel can be booked by phone or via the online reservation request form.
Toll-Free phone: (800) 906-3002

Reimbursements are allowed for employees booking through other vendors. The receipt should be submitted for reimbursement including the following statement: “Online selection is best value as consistent with institutional priorities.”

Personal car mileage is reimburseable using the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts' Travel Reimbursement Rates Web page. To calculate mileage, Mapquest is the preferred site. Please see the Handbook of Business Procedures for additional information. 

Rental Car
All car rental reservations are required to be made using one of five UT Austin contract car vendors, citing the chosen vendor's specific rate identifier code. The allowable vendors are Avis/ Budget, Enterprise/ National and Hertz. Rental car contract rates apply to Domestic/U.S. rentals only. For more information, please see the Travel Management Services site regarding rental cars. 

Note: If it is not possible to use one of the five contract car vendors, a Travel authorization exception request must be submitted for approval.  

Last Modified: 18 May 2021