John L Warfield Center

Revolutionary Music and Artistic Life During the 'Quinquenio Gris'

Mon, April 16, 2007 | MRH 2.634

5:00 PM

Mr. Pablo Menéndez is an internationally acclaimed performer, composer, and
bandleader, and son of singer-songwriter and activist Barbara Dane. He has lived in
Cuba since 1966, perhaps the only person from the United States to be working as a
musician in that country for such an extended period. Menéndez participated in the
widely acclaimed Grupo de Experimentación Sonora alongside Silvio Rodríguez,
Pablo Milanés, and others, and performed in Síntesis, Sonido Contemporáneo, and
other acclaimed groups before founding Mezcla in the 1980s. He has collaborated
with Latin jazz greats such as Gonzalo Rubalcaba, nueva trova artists Santiago Feliú,
Xiomara Laugart and Amaury Pérez, and countless other Cuban ensembles. His
presentation at the University of Texas will focus on artistic life in Cuba during the
early 1960s and early 1970s.

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