John L Warfield Center

"Stonewall and the Transgender Community Today"

Ms. Majors, Community Organizing Director for Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Project

Thu, September 24, 2009 | Santa Rita Room (3.502) - The Texas Union

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Miss Major is a black, formerly incarcerated, male-to-female transgender elder. She has been an activist and advocate in her community for over forty years, mentoring and empowering many of today’s transgender leaders to stand tall, step into their own power, and defend their human rights.
Miss Major was at the Stonewall uprisings in ’69, has worked at HIV/AIDS organizations throughout California, was an original member of the first all-transgender gospel choir and is a father, mother, grandmother, and grandfather to her own children and to many in the transgender community.
She has given speeches and trainings to audiences of transgender and non-transgender people and has received numerous awards for her work.  In 2008, she testified to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland about the abuses of transgender women of color in the US.
Currently, Miss Major works as the Community Organizing Director at TGI Justice Project where she instills hope and a belief in a better future to the girls that are currently incarcerated and those coming home.

Event Sponsors:
The Gender and Sexuality Center, a unit of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at UT Austin, provides safe spaces for all members of the UT Austin community to explore, organize, and promote learning around issues of gender and sexuality. The center also facilitates a greater responsiveness to the needs of women and the LGBTQ communities through education, outreach and advocacy.

Sponsored by: The Gender & Sexuality Center (DDCE)

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