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Keynote Address: "Back Door Man: Howlin Wolf and the Sound of Jim Crow"

American Studies Graduate Student Association Conference: "Division Street, U.S.A"

Thu, September 24, 2009 | The Texas Union

7:00 PM

Dr. Eric Lott, Professor of English and Cultural Studies - University of Virginia

The American Studies Graduate Student Committee at the University of Texas has organized annual graduate student conferences since 1992. Over time, the conference has grown from a small departmental event to one that draws graduate students from across the United States. The conference provides an important opportunity for graduate students in an array of disciplines to present their work in a collegial environment. In addition to more conventional academic works, the American Studies Graduate Student Committee have historically included presentations from graduate students doing work in an array of formats, including creative writing and documentary film.

Keynote Speaker: Eric Lott - "Back door Man: Howlin Wolf and the Sound of Jim Crow"

This year, Dr. Eric Lott will serve as our keynote speaker. Dr. Lott is professor of English and Cultural Studies at the University of Virginia, and the author of the books Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class (1993), The Disappearing Liberal Intellectual (2006), and Tangled Up in Blue: The Cultural Contradictions of American Racism (forthcoming).  His essays have appeared in journals including New Literary History, Representations, Minnesota Review, and Criticism, among others.

Further information on Dr. Lott and his work is available via his profile at the UVA web site.

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Sponsored by: The College of Liberal Arts and The Department of American Studies

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