John L Warfield Center

delta dandi

I am from the blues.
Hard times remembered recounted like mantras/least we forget.
Chants about survival and daddies taken in the night. Moans in the subtext of dreams.
With chicken frying, music loud, finger popping and laughter
I learned how to tell stories from my family.
See Jazz is a blood memory. Something deep in the bones.
A charge. A responsibility. A gift. Like those stories.
Long before the mentors, the theatre, the words formed
there w

Fri, November 30, 2007 | Winship Drama Building (WIN), Room 2.180

8:00 PM

Bridgforth will read from her work in progress titled, delta dandi.
delta dandi explores the life of a blues woman musician traveling with a Jazz band in the 1940's at the height of the birth of bebop. Bridgforth will create a living cacophony with musicians/dancers/a photo installation and narration that audience members will participate/witness the work in. CAAAS supported the development of delta dandi with a research grant funding Bridgforth's trip to Nigeria in 2006.

Sponsored by: The Center for African and African American Studies

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