John L Warfield Center

Africa Seminar

In this presentation, I am concerned with a new reading of sexuality, spirituality and race in the Senegalese film Karmen Gei. This reading offers and explores the formation of sexuality and spirituality through an examination of a work which represents modern Senegalese culture and society. The fundamental question posed by this erotic, subversive and transgressive film is the following: Within modern Senegalese society and culture, is it possible to transcend the sexual taboo of female homosex

Fri, March 7, 2008 | CAAAS Conference Room

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Frieda Ekotto is an Associate Professor of Francophone and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan. Professor Ekotto's first book was on Jean Genet and the concept of literatures of incarceration. Since then she has become interested in critical race theory and its connections with literature and philosophy. She is presently completing her book manuscript on Jean Genet and the Black Panthers, a study of the aesthetics and politics of transatlantic black identity.

Sponsored by: Center for African and African American Studies

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