John L Warfield Center


Helga Davis returns to Austin with her electric and haunting musical compositions.

Mon, March 17, 2008 | WIN 2.180

8:00 PM

In 2002 Wire Magazine's David Keene called Helga " a vocalist with an almost operatic range with all the bruised sensuality of Jeanne Lee"
Helga Davis is a NY based artist whose interdisciplinary work includes collaborations with composers and choreographers alike. She has worked with: Butch Morris, Daniel Alexander Jones, Carl Hancock Rux, Sekou Sundiata, Grisha Coleman,Susie Ibarra, Rinde Eckert, Cynthia Oliver, and KJ Holmes. 2004 marked Davis' directorial debut at the University of Texas, Austin with Sharon Brigforths, love/conjure/blues. For the last five years she has been the co star of The Temptation of St.Anthony, directed by Robert WIlson with libretto and score by Bernice Johnson Reagon of Sweet Honey in the Rock.
In March 2007 Helga began hosting Overnight Music on WNYC, and in December of that same year was awarded ASCAP Deems Taylor Multimedia Award for hosting 24:33: twenty-four hours and thirty three minutes of the playful and playable John Cage.

Ted Cruz
Since graduating from the University of North Texas in 1990, Mr. Cruz has been active with both recording and performing with various jazz, rock, RandB and classical music recording artists all over the world. His current jazz and improvisational musical exploits include recording and touring worldwide with the Alex Blake Quartet. His production, arranging and performances work has been recognized and acclaimed by Billboard, Downbeat, Vibe and Rolling Stone magazines. His recent composition works include a Meet The Composer grant for the improvisational score to "Tetsuo The Iron Man" which was performed at the Knitting
Factory in New York in 1998. He also composed the music for the opening and closing ceremonies of the millennium celebration in Times Square, New York City. Mr Cruz's recent forays into film and television music has his work featured on HBO, NBC, ESPN and the film "Palo Alto". (2007) He composed an original score for "Creating Counterparts" which was selected as the best Documentary at the 2003 Kansas City Film Festival, and contributed music for the documentary "Flag Wars" in 2002 for PBS Television. His work on independent recordings as a producer and arranger include Pete Muller's "More Than This" (2004), Theresa
Sareo's "Alive Again" (2005) and Carole Alexis' "Osmosis" (2006).

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Sponsored by: Center for African and African American Studies

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