John L Warfield Center

PERFORMING BLACKNESS: Areytos Performance Works Featuring Sita Frederick

By (Sita Frederick, Artistic Director) Featuring Dominican-American dancer/choreographer Sita Frederick and dancer Alethea Pace

Thu, May 2, 2013 | SAC 2.304

5:00 PM

PERFORMING BLACKNESS: Areytos Performance Works Featuring Sita Frederick

RGB: Batey Macorix remixes the dance and music traditions Gagá and Guloya*, and reflects on the politics of black identity, border zones, and 'otherness' within the New York Dominican community and beyond.  My vision for the project is to build on and deepen our understanding of the broader implications of these traditions and their evolution, not from a place of uncritical infatuation, but through self-reflexivity, the creative process and in conversation with transnational audiences. 

*Gagá and Guloya are two distinct sacred and carnivalesque Dominican music-dance traditions derived from the Haitian Rara and the "Cocolo" (Lesser Antilles) cultures, respectively.  Both celebrate African cultural retentions in public spaces, are rooted in socially complex histories, and reflect the rejection of blackness and heterogeneity within Dominican culture that continues to challenge our community’s integrated sense of identity.


NELLY ROSARIO is the author of Song of the Water Saints, which won a PEN Open Book Award. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in various anthologies and publications, including Review, the New York Times, Meridians, and Callaloo. Rosario currently teaches creative writing at Texas State University.


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