John L Warfield Center

Traversing the Boundaries of Resistance

Mon, April 29, 2013 | Julius Glickman Conference Center, Room 1.302B, College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA)

10:00 AM

Traversing the Boundaries of Resistance

The event “Traversing the Boundaries of Resistance” will feature the documentary Beyond the mirror, directed by Ana Flauzina (Postdoctoral fellow at AADS) which explores the dialogue between two important activists and intellectuals in Brazil and the United States - Edson Cardoso and Haile Gerima. The event will be an opportunity to discuss the documentary counting with the presence of its main characters. The event will also feature a formal presentation by Cardoso and a screening of Gerima’s most recent movie Teza, followed by a discussion.

Haile Gerima is an acclaimed Etiopian filmmaker who moved to the U.S. in the 1960s and helped formulate an independent aesthetic for black cinema in the country. Among his most important films are: Sankofa and Bush Mama. His most recent movie, Teza, released in 2009, won several international awards and explores the struggles of a black intellectual confronted by the racial conflicts in Ethiopia and Germany.    

Edson Cardoso has dedicated his life as a journalist and activist to confronting the racist structures of Brazilian society. Among the most important accomplishments of this controversial intellectual, was the publication of the newspaper Irohin- one of the only publications to address racism in the country from a politically independent standpoint. 


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