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Thursday Night Lights: Honoring the Legacy of the Prairie View Interscholastic League

Thu, October 31, 2013 | AT&T Executive Education Center at the University of Texas at Austin, 1900 University Avenue, Austin, Texas 78705

6:00 PM

Thursday Night Lights: Honoring the Legacy of the Prairie View Interscholastic League

Join us this fall for a two-day conference to honor and celebrate the history of the Prairie View Interscholastic League (PVIL). Formed in 1920 as the Texas Interscholastic League of Colored Schools, the PVIL proudly served for 50 years as the governing body for extra-curricular activities for Texas' African American high school students during the era of legalized segregation. With 500 member schools, at its peak, the league’s state championship competitions included football, basketball, baseball, track and field, typing, declamation, music and extemporaneous speaking. Many former PVIL students became prominent state and national figures, including Barbara Jordan, the pioneering activist and politician, jazz group the Crusaders,choreographer Debbie Allen, and athletes such as David Lattin, Ernie Banks, Gene Upshaw, Charlie Taylor, and “Mean” Joe Greene among many others.

Join us this fall for a two-day conference that honors and celebrates the athletic and cultural legacy of the Prairie View Interscholastic League (PVIL), the core institution that governed recreational life for African-American students in Texas during the Jim Crow Era. The conference will feature former athletes, coaches, musicians, and educators who exemplify the lasting impact of PVIL.

The Conference launches the Warfield Center’s Texas Black Sports History Project, which aims to document and publicize the extraordinary achievements of African-Americans in the history of sports in Texas.

Thursday Night Lights: Honoring the Legacy of the Prairie View Interscholastic League

October 31-November 1, 2013 

AT&T Conference Center, Ampitheatre

University of Texas at Austin

1900 University Avenue

Austin, Texas 78705 


Day 1 Thursday, October 31st: Reception and Keynote address by- William C. Rhoden (New York Times Columnist, Author of Forty Million Dollar Slaves)

5:30pm Conference Registration

6pm Conference Opening and Welcome Remarks

6:15 Documentary Screening

6:25 Keynote Speaker: William C. Rhoden, NY Times Sports Columnist,
author of Forty Million Dollar Slaves

7:15-8:30pm Reception 

Day 2 Friday November 1st: Panels on PVIL history, athletics, racial integration, and the PVIL Legacy in Austin. Featured Sports Legends Speakers

Beverly Day Humphrey, Record Setting Track Star, David Latin, of the Historic 1966 Texas Western National Championship Basketball Team; former NFL Greats, Joe Washington and Delvin Williams, among other special guests.

Session I: On the History of the PVIL and Education in Texas
Chair: Dr. Frank A. Guridy
Michael Hurd, Texas Black Historical Preservation Project

Thurman W. Robins, Author of Requiem for a Classic

Roland Hayes, Austin Community College

Break: 10:45am-11am

Session II: Athletics During the Era of the PVIL
Chair: Michael Hurd

David Lattin, Houston Worthing, Member of the 1966 Texas Western NCAA Basketball
Championship Team

Robert Brown, Chairman of the Board, Prairie View Interscholastic League Coaches

Joe Washington, Sr., Former Head Football Coach, Port Arthur-Lincoln
Lunch Break

Session III: The Transition: Integration and the Merger with UIL
Chair: Frank A. Guridy,
Delvin Williams, Houston-Kashmere, NFL All Pro Running Back

Beverly Day Humphrey, Dallas-Lincoln, Head Track Coach, Lancaster High School

Joe Washington, Jr, Port Arthur-Lincoln, NFL All-Pro Running Back

Charles Breithaupt, Executive Director, University Interscholastic League

Break: 3:15pm-3:30 p.m.

Session III: The PVIL’s Legacy in Austin: A View from Old Anderson High School
Chair: Stephanie Lang
Panelists: Representatives of different graduating classes from Old Anderson High
School in Austin, Texas

Beulah Agnes Curry Jones

Diane Lang

Ed Roby

Melvin Scott

Nancy H. Thompson

Closing Remarks

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