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Yoruba Language Gets Funding

Mon, August 16, 2010
Yoruba Language Gets Funding
"African Studies Association students preparing for Yoruba Day dance, 2005."

Yoruba is one of the five foreign languages taught at UT that are included in a group grant application that won a US Department of Education award of $1,200,000 (over FYs 2010-2013)for the creation of a UT Language Resource Center to improve foreign language instruction using internet and digital technologies. The new Center will be named “Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning” (COERLL). In the specific case of Yoruba, the grant will assist in digitizing select Yoruba video-films to enhance in class language instruction as well as create an open access for interested public learners. Dr. Niyi Afolabi of the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies and Spanish and Portuguese is the Project Director for the Yoruba portion of this grant. Other languages include Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, and Texas Spanish.

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