Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies
Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies

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The Americas

United States

Center for Australian, New Zealand, and Pacific Studies, Georgetown University
Established in 1995 with funding from the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, the Center offers a program of courses devoted to the study of these countries. Areas of disciplinary interest include history, government, international affairs, sociology and literature. Georgetown is the only university in North America that offers an undergraduate Certificate in Australian and New Zealand Studies.

The Committee on Australian Studies, Harvard University
The Committee on Australian Studies funds scholarships, conferences, exhibitions, readings, and other academic and artistic events related to Australia. Harvard University also has a Visiting Professorship in Australian Studies, which was established by a gift from the Australian Government in 1976.  


Australian Studies Centre, la Universidad ORT Uruguay
The Centre is an academic institute dedicated to the strengthening of academic and cultural links between Australia and Uruguay. Its objective is to organize conferences, seminars and roundtables about Australian current issues and to develop comparative research projects between Australia and Uruguay.



Australian Studies Institute, Australian National University
Established in 1947 to study the great challenges confronting the world, the Institute aims to bring an Australian perspective to comparative, transnational, and international projects.

Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, University of South Australia
Established in the University of South Australia in 1997, the Centre is devoted to the development of sustainable societies. The Centre hosts a variety of public events and exhibitions that focus on the themes of democracy, diversity, and the future.

Center for the Study of Australian Politics, Australian National University
Recently established in the School of Politics and International Relations, the Center promotes public interest in the structure of political debate in Australia. Its objective is to advance the study of Australian public policy and political leadership.

Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University
Established in 2000, the Institute is located within Western Sydney University. Its public policy research focuses on Australian democracy and foreign policy. The Institute works with leaders and communities to foster dialogue for policy advancement.


United Kingdom

Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, University of London
Established in the University of London in 1982, the Centre is endowed by the Australian Government with additional funding from Monash University, the Menzies Memorial Foundation, and subscriptions from a number of Australian universities. Its objective is to promote Australian studies in British and European universities.


Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies, Universitat de Barcelona
Established in 2007 at the Universitat de Barcelona, the Centre promotes research and teaching in Australian Studies. It publishes a journal, COOLABAHwhich aims to be interdisciplinary in its content.


Centre for Australian Studies, University of Cologne
The Centre is a collaborative project which brings together expertise in the area of Australian Studies from the University of Cologne and other German universities. It coordinates Australian Studies Online, which offers online courses over Australian Studies.


Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies, Radboud University
Established in 1991, the Centre is hosted by the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Its objective is to further enrich and enhance the quality of research on issues related to the Asia-Pacific region. It publishes the Oceania Newsletter, which focuses on indigenous Australia and the Pacific Islands.


Australian Studies Centre, University College Dublin
Established in 1996, the Centre is home to the Keith Cameron Chair of Australian History, a visiting appointment to teach and research Australian History at UCD. It also hosts public Australian History research seminars and lectures.


Australian Studies Centre, University of Debrecen
Established in 2007, the Centre is part of the the Institute of English and American Studies. It offers courses and supervises thesis work in Australian Studies. The Centre promotes understanding Australia and the Asia-Pacific region by encouraging research and by advising the public on various Australia-related affairs. 



Australian Studies Centre, Peking University
Established in 1996, the Centre is a multi-disciplinary academic research institution committed to strengthening the Australia-China relationship through the advancing of Australian studies. It offers courses related to Australian studies, hosts the Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC) Conference, and operates an internship program.

Australian Studies Centre, Renmin University of China
Established in 1999, the Centre is the largest of the more than 39 Australian studies centers in China. It hosts an Australian Culture Week and Australian Literature Week in order to promote the Australia-China relationship.
Contact: Professor Zhang Yongxian


Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, Nanzan University
Established in 2005, the Center generates interests in research through its symposia, publications, and scholarly exchanges. It publishes The Bulletin of the Nanzan Center For Asia-Pacific Studies which contains reports from its study activities, seminars, and lectures.

Center for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo
Established in 2000, the Center aims to promote the study of the Pacific region. It promotes research projects, holds seminars, publishes journals, and organizes international conferences.

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