Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies
Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies

Testimonials from Clark Center Alumni

kirstenwolffordKirsten Wolfford, B.A. in Government, Clark Scholar 2016-2017, Law Student, The George Washington University Law School

"As a second-year law student searching for summer employment, I have had dozens of interviews. No matter the length of the interview (even those that are only 15 minutes long), I ALWAYS get asked about my work for the Clark Center."

maraamdwidarMaraam Dwidar, M.A. in Government, Graduate Research Assistant 2015-2017, Ph.D. Candidate in Government, University of Texas at Austin

"My experience working with the Center contributed substantially to my development and achievements as a scholar and teacher. In orienting and executing the Center’s data efforts, I honed my skills in conceptualization and measurement, quantitative methodology, and large-N analyses. Additionally, in training and managing the Center’s undergraduate research assistants, I gained invaluable experience in mentorship and teaching. This experience allowed me to excel in my most recent work as the Director of Undergraduate Research for the Policy Agendas Project, for which I was awarded a departmental Outstanding Teaching Award and nominated for a University-wide teaching award."

darceyholenderDarcey Holender, B.A. in International Relations and Global Studies, Clark Scholar 2015-2016, In-House Investigator, Texas Investigative Network

"My independent research project allowed me to exercise my creativity, improve my ability to accurately collect and analyze data, and develop research design and project management skills. Traveling to New Zealand to conduct face-to-face interviews with Members of Parliament and to present my research at the University of Auckland pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and equipped me with professional, interpersonal skills, which prepared me for life after graduation."

maureenclarkMaureen Clark, B.A. in Government | Humanities Honors, Clark Scholar 2014-2015, Business Analyst, CNN

"Working at the National Library of Australia and in conjunction with Australian National University students taught me how to work with archival data and work with academic peers internationally. I also enjoyed going to the ANZSANA conference. It helped me contextualize academic presentations and conferences. I learned how to properly present and maintain an audience’s interest while still containing academic rigor. It also taught me to make international academic connections and ask difficult questions in a professional way while at academic conferences."

rebeccaeisslerRebecca Eissler, Ph.D. in Government, Graduate Research Assistant 2014-2015, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University

"My training in public policy, via the U.S. Policy Agendas Project, had given me substantial insight into just how much we can learn about decision making from studying the same dynamics across different political contexts and types of government. The Clark Center allowed me to put that into action through access to data and scholars who study Australia and New Zealand. Consequently, I have begun to develop a research agenda focusing on the comparative differences between the United States and New Zealand that was only possible with the support of the Clark Center."


laurenhammaLauren Hamma, B.A. in Health and Society, Research Intern 2020-2021, Paralegal at Zinda Law Group, PLLC

"I learned an incredible amount about social scientific research, comparative politics, Australia, and my own career interests. I gained invaluable skills that I've been able to talk about in every interview I have been through, and I can say with the utmost certainty that my experience as a research intern helped me to get several other internships, as well as my current job. Aside from the technical aspects of my experience, it was so rewarding getting to know Dr. Evans as a mentor, and interacting with the rest of the research team in a collaborative and challenging academic environment. It pushed me in many ways to be a more critical thinker and also was just so much fun!"


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