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NEWSLETTER NO. 34         FALL 2006


Deliberative Poll Examines Australia's Muslim and Non-Muslim Relations
Through her Adelaide-based organization Issues Deliberation Australia, Dr. Pam Ryan, research associate of the Clark Center, is planning a deliberative poll, to take place 2-4 March 2007 in Canberra, focusing on "Muslims and Non-Muslims: Building the Relationship." As was the case with her earlier deliberative polls about the republic referendum and Aboriginal reconciliation, this new poll will bring a statistically representative cross-section of some 300 voting-age citizens to Parliament House where they will deliberate for two days about relations between Australia’s Muslim and non-Muslim communities. NewsPoll has agreed to conduct telephone interviews with a national sample of Australians from which the sub-sample of citizens invited to Canberra will be selected. As before, the Clark Center will support this important undertaking. 


Competition for US Studies Institute Nears Outcome
Several Australian universities are vying to host the US Studies Center whose creation Prime Minister Howard announced when visiting President Bush last May. Contingent on appropriate support by the private sector and the relevant state or territory government, the Howard Government will contribute A$25 million to establish an endowment for the center. The American-Australian Association is playing a major organizing role in the venture, and the competition among universities is expected to culminate during October or November with the announcement of a winning university bid.


Silverton Endowment for Australian Studies at UT-Austin
The Austin-based Silverton Foundation has announced a gift of $250,000 to complete the half-million dollar Silverton Endowment in support of Clark Center programs. The Endowment has been created in recognition of the many activities and contributions of Dr. Pam Ryan to Australian studies. Added to the Jack S. Blanton Chair in Australian Studies and the Caltex and James Voss-Texas Instruments Professorships in Australian Studies, as well as the Walter Prescott Webb Fund in Australian History, the Silverton Endowment is a major enhancement of Australian Studies at UT-Austin.

Clark Center "Godfather" Receives Award
Dr. William S. Livingston, Senior Vice President of UT-Austin and a driving force behind the Clark Center's creation nearly twenty years ago and of its subsequent growth, has been awarded the Daniel Elazar Award by the American Political Science Association for his contributions to the comparative study of federal systems, among them Australia's. The award was made at this year's APSA national meetings in Philadelphia and it is a fitting capstone to Bill Livingston's long and distinguished scholarly career.



ANZSANA Conference and Call for Papers
The 2006-07 meeting of the Australian & New Zealand Studies Assn. of North America will take place at Georgetown, D.C. on March 22-24, 2007. As in the past two years, the ANZSANA meeting will be concurrent with that of the American Assn. for Australian Literary Studies (AAALS). Jason Pierce, ANZSANA’s president, has announced that a joint Thursday night welcome reception will be held at the Australian Embassy and a joint Friday night conference dinner will take place at the New Zealand Embassy. Rhonda Evans Case, ANZSANA’s vice president, has issued a Call for Papers and for one or more thematically-integrated panels and has asked those interested to serve as panel chairs or discussants, paper givers, or panel organizers – among whom she hopes that established scholars will be numerous – to contact her: See ANZSANA’s webpage for further information:

Book Examines Mason High Court
When studying for his Ph.D. in Government at UT-Austin, Jason Pierce, now Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Dayton and President of ANZSANA, conducted in-depth interviews with very nearly all of Australia's appellate judges, several High Court Justices among them. Pierce has now produced a book drawing on his extensive fieldwork and on much statistical data situating the Mason Court in comparative and historical context. His book is titled Inside the Mason Court Revolution: The High Court of Australia Transformed, published by Carolina Academic Press. 

Prof. Don Graham Recognized
The City and Regional Magazine Association has awarded Prof. Don Graham, who regularly teaches a course on Australian Literature at Film at UT Austin, with its Gold Medal for General Criticism in his Texas Monthly columns on Mary Karr, Cormac McCarthy, and Norman Mailer.

Recent Publications by Clark Center Faculty
Gary P. Freeman, "National Models, Policy Types, and the Politics of Immigration in Liberal Democracies." West European Politics 29/2 (2006): pp. 227-247.

Gary P. Freeman, "Politics and Mass Immigration." In R.B. Goodin & C. Tilly (eds) Contextual Politics: Oxford Handbook of Political Science. Oxford University Press, 2006, pp. 636-648.

John Higley, Elite Foundations of Liberal Democracy. Rowman & Littlefield, 2006 (co-authored with Michael Burton).

John Higley, "Democracy and Elites," Comparative Social Research 23: pp. 251-265.

John Higley, "The Bush Elite: Aberration or Harbinger?" In B. O’Connor & M. Griffiths (eds.) The Rise of Anti-Americanism. Routledge, 2006, pp. 155-168.

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