Department of Classics

Approaches to Ancient Roman Luxury Villas: Oplontis and Beyond 4/1 - 4/2

Fri, April 1, 2011 | AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday, April 1, Classroom 203:
5:00 Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, “Herculaneum: Where Town Houses End and Villas Begin?”

Saturday, April 2 Classroom 102:
MORNING SESSION, session chair, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
9:00 Michael L. Thomas, “Introduction to The Oplontis Project”
9:15 John R. Clarke, “Excavations at Oplontis, 1964-1980”
9:55 Guy Métraux, "The San Rocco Villa at Francolise: Themes in Roman Villa Studies, 1985-2010”
10:25 15 minute break
10:40 Thomas Howe, “Excavations at Stabiae: The Garden of the Great Peristyle of the Villa Arianna”
11:10 Sandra Joshel and Lauren Petersen, “Slaves in the Roman Villa”
11:40 Michael Thomas, “Framing the Experience of the Roman Luxury Villa: Enfilades and Privileged Views in the Fourth-Style Architecture at Villa A”

AFTERNOON SESSION, session chair, Sandra Joshel
2:00 John R. Clarke, “The Oplontis Archives: Daybooks, Photographs, and Plaster Fragments”
2:30 Ivo van der Graaff, “Excavations since 2006”
2:50 Jess Galloway, “Hydraulics at Villa A”
3:10 Regina Gee, “Wall Paintings of Oplontis: New Discoveries, New Narratives”
3:30 15 minute break
3:45 Lea Cline, “Mosaics and Mimesis: New Discoveries and Old Ideas on the Floors of Villa A”
4:05 Tim Liddell, “Digital Modeling at Oplontis”
4:25 Elaine Gazda, Remarks and Roundtable Discussion

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