Department of Classics

Undergraduate Classics Research Symposium

Wed, April 14, 2010 | Classics lounge, WAG 116

2:00 AM - 5:00 AM

Tentative schedule:

2:00-2:20: Christina DeLeon - The Importance of Teeth in Archaeology and Modern Forensic Cases

2:25-2:45: Cheuk Ng - Reappropriation of Classical Mythology by the Medici

2:45-3:10: Tim Grayson - Homer and Modern Music

3:15-3:35: Kelly McClinton - Sir Arthur Evans and the Knossos Throne Room

3:40-4:00: Helena Maria Williams - Biblical Moralisées of the 13th Century

4:05-4:25: Ian Bridges - Stichomythia in Euripides

4:30-4:50: Ian Oliver - Fighting for Others: Mercenaries

For information contact Tim Grayson.

Sponsored by: Gamma Sigma Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi.

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