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Classics Library Hires New Security Guards

Mon, July 20, 2009
Classics Library Hires New Security Guards
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On Wed., July 15th, the Classics Library hosted two Roman visitors, complete in authentic historical military uniforms suiting their status and characters.  The Roman military tribune and his infantry soldier  guarded the library with gusto,  enforced library policy, and provided gentle editing suggestions to Valerio Caldesi Valeri, in polishing up his dissertation.  Matthew Shane  (undergraduate at UT) and Michael Sweet (UT staff member) used the photo op. to engage in this re-enactment. They wanted to use the Classics Library as they love coming here.  Following the photo shoot Matthew Shane (or Lucius Saturius Surinus as he prefers to be called), graciously agreed to  model for a class discussion that happened to be ongoing that morning on military gear.
Pictures courtesy of Sheri Miklaski

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