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Classics Students Shine at ExploreUT

Mon, March 8, 2010
Classics Students Shine at ExploreUT
Lindsey Jones as Daphne on the Main Stage (Photo: Jay Janner/American Statesman)

Students in Prof. Tim Moore's Latin classes, having delighted the audience at the Department's Parents' Weekend event, took their performance of the Apollo and Daphne episode in Ovid's Metamorphoses to the big stage on Saturday, March 8, to an ecstatic reception! 

Highly vocal fans of all ages expressed their appreciation for the two performances under lowering skies.  As the piece was performed in both English and beautifully clear Latin, and energetically mimed by the costumed protagonists, all could follow along.  Photographer Jay Janner of the American Statesman captured the moment vividly in his photo of Lindsey Jones as Daphne; she appears to be a figure from a Neo-Classical vase come to life in front of the South Mall.

After the second performance, a small contingent of barbarians erupted from the audience and proceded to sack the stage and then disappear, as is their wont. These disreputable Gauls had strayed from the second offering by the Classics Department, Lecturer Constanze Witt's Iron Age "Celts." These were featured in the Daily Texan's announcement of the event in the Friday issue, with an image of student Alex Larimore (photo: Peyton McGhee).


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