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Professor Karl Galinsky publishes "Augustus"

Mon, October 29, 2012
Professor Karl Galinsky publishes


Karl Galinsky, Augustus: Introduction to the Life of an Emperor (Cambridge 2012).

From the publisher:

Augustus, Rome's first emperor, is one of the great figures of world history and one of the most fascinating. In this lively and concise biography Karl Galinsky examines Augustus' life from childhood to deification. He chronicles the mosaic of vicissitudes, challenges, setbacks, and successes that shaped Augustus' life, both public and private. How did he use his power? How did he manage to keep reinventing himself? What kind of man was he? A transformative leader, Augustus engineered profound change in Rome and throughout the Mediterranean world. No one would have expected such vast achievements from the frail and little-known eighteen-year-old who became Caesar's heir amid turmoil and crisis. A mere thirteen years later, after defeating Antony and Cleopatra, he had, in his words, "power over all things."

The book is now available from Cambridge University Press.

Professor Galinsky is the Floyd A. Cailloux Centennial Professor of Classics and University Distinguished Teaching Professor, author of Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction (1996) and numerous other books and articles on Roman culture and its influence, and editor of The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Augustus (2005).

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