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Upcoming Memoria Romana Conference

Mon, January 25, 2010
Upcoming Memoria Romana Conference
Memoria Romana

Memoria Romana Conference Update

We are pleased to announce the Prof. Wiseman’s public lecture and keynote address is entitled, “Roman Memory: Theory and Practice,” and is scheduled for 4 pm on the 16th of April, 2010.  Location: Mezes Hall (1.306) at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Memoria Romana conference organizers are delighted to announce the speaker line-up and the list of accepted presentation papers (in alphabetical order):

Evagrius of Pontus on Monks and Memory
Kathleen Gibbon, University of Toronto

Altered Memories in the Statues of the Theodosian Dynasty in Rome
Greg Kalas, University of Tennessee

The Crafting of Memory in Late Roman Mortuary Spaces
Nicola Denzey Lewis, Brown University

Forgetful Theseus and Mindful Aeneas in Catullus 64 and Aeneid 4
Brigitte Libby, Princeton University

History as Memory: Remembering the Past in Republican Times
Ana Rodríguez Mayorgas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Remember the Aventine: Memoria Renovata, Fama Nova, and the Creation of Cultural Geography
Lisa Mignone, Brown University

Ovid Interrupted: Collective Memory and Aphasia in the Ovidian Corpus
Bart Natoli, University of Texas at Austin

Monuments, Memory, and Social Recognition in Roman Asia Minor
Diana Ng, Northwestern University

Augustan Reconstruction and Roman Memory
Eric Orlin, University of Puget Sound

Forgetting the Dead: Cato and the Boundaries of Remembrance
Edmund Richardson, Princeton University

Ars Oblivionis: Ammianus Marcellinus’ Empresses and the Exercise of Forgetting
J.R. Son, Cornell University

We look forward to posting further updates on the conference blog [=] and on the Memoria project homepage [=].

For more information, here is the Conference CFP, in pdf format

Douglas Boin and Karl Galinsky

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