Center of Mexican American Studies
Center of Mexican American Studies


Wed, March 4, 2009 | AHG 136 (Anna Hiss Gymnasium)

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Grupo Flor y Canto cordially invites everyone to their spring event, FANDANGO '09.

A fandango is a lively, festive occasion of music, food, song, dance and conversation that would take place outdoors on the rancho. It is a playful time where tradition becomes fluid: rules are made and broken as old forms are applied to new experience. It is a living tradition.

Fandango took its rhythm from the African Bantu, which can be seen in the dancing platforms and in the pandero (hand drummer). The sensuality of African percussive dancing met the charm and garbo (elegance) of the Arab Andalusian taconeo (tap dancing from the south of Spain). The Nahua people contributed their dancing and playing as well. The Fandango is an open ritual celebration where the Castilian-Spanish, Bantu-African, Arabian-Andalusian and Indo-American cultures come together.

FANDANGO '09 will include a dance and percussion demonstration. Refreshments and prizes have been generously provided by the University Co-Op.

For more information about FANDANGO '09, please contact Grupo Flor y Canto at

Sponsored by: The Center for Mexican American Studies, College of Liberal Arts; the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, College of Liberal Arts; the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs; RecSports; and

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