Center of Mexican American Studies
Center of Mexican American Studies

Faculty Research Fellowships

Closes: 6:00pm CST on Tuesday, December 31, 2021

The Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) sponsors a Faculty Research Fellowship (FRF) competition pursuant to its research mission on the history, society and culture of Mexican Americans and/or other Latinos. Fellowship awards can be taken either the Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 semester.


The objective of a CMAS Faculty Research Fellowship is the advancement, with the object of publication, of a major research project in the fields of Mexican American and Latinx Studies. This one-semester award replaces faculty salary up to, but not exceeding, $50,000. This means that if the successful applicant’s salary is more than $100,000 per year, there will be a shortfall in the salary replacement corresponding to the leave.

Consequently, each application is required to include one of two signed statements as part of the cover letter:

  1. I agree to personally absorb the difference between this sabbatical offer and my half-year salary if my application is successful.

     - OR -

  1. My department chair has agreed to cover the difference between this sabbatical offer and my half-year salary, if my application is successful.


All UT Austin tenure-line faculty with official appointments as CMAS Faculty Affiliates who have been at UT Austin for at least five long semesters at time of application are eligible to apply. Preference in consideration will be given to CMAS Faculty Affiliates at the rank of Associate Professor, although all ranks are encouraged to apply. Please also state if you have applied for a CRF or FRA for AY 2020-2021.

Application Procedure


Any CMAS Faculty Affiliate interested in applying should discuss the terms of the award with her or his department chair. An applicant's departmental chair must agree in writing to the terms of the one-semester leave, including releasing the faculty member from teaching duties during the award period. In some cases, prior approval of the academic dean will be necessary, especially from faculty outside of the College of Liberal Arts. A Faculty Request for Leave with a copy of final approval must be submitted as part of the application. CMAS does not have the resources to buy out faculty teaching and therefore the requirement to obtain approval in advance.


The following materials must be submitted:

  1. A research proposal, with abstract, of no more than 10 double-spaced pages in length, providing a full description of the proposed project and its significance for Mexican American and Latinx Studies. Include expected publication outcomes.
  2. Curriculum vitae and cover letter with salary difference choice
  3. One paragraph on your involvement with Latino Studies over the past three years. This service will be factored into fellowship considerations.
  4. One letter of reference. The letter will be most persuasive if it refers both to the applicant’s record of scholarship in the field and specifically to the merits of the proposed project.
  5. IRB Human Subjects approval, if applicable.

FRF applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for additional sources of funding, both

internal and external. It may possible to hold an FRA, CRF, or another form of long-semester research leave sequentially with the FRF, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to double-check for her/his own situation.

Apply Here:

Additional Requirements

Fellows are required to acknowledge CMAS in any publications that arise from research supported by this award.

Please also be advised that CMAS observes the University’s Return Rule for FRF recipients: 1) Awardees must return to full-time service at UT Austin for the two long semesters following the academic year of the FRF; or 2) Awardees must reimburse CMAS and UT Austin for funds expended (gross salary plus fringe benefits) in support of the fellowship if the recipient does not return for the required period.

Method of Payment

CMAS Faculty Research Fellowships are salary awards paid through the Payroll Office. These awards are subject to all of the deductions as required by state and federal law and other such deductions as authorized by the FRF recipient. CMAS will account for these deductions in calculating award amounts.

Questions regarding the Faculty Research Fellowship may be directed to Dr. John Morán González, Director of CMAS, at 512-471-5351 or

Please contact Katy Buchanan (512-471-2140) or concerning payment schedules.