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Prior approval for all business travel is required for absence from campus for periods of half a day or more during the normal working period, even when there is no cost to the University. A Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) must be filed with the department at least four weeks prior to your travel. Faculty who will be missing a class must specify a professor who will be handling their class while they are away. TAs are not authorized to cover your class. Most faculty members affiliated with CMAS will go through their home departments to complete the RTA form even if CMAS is providing financial support. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to let their home department know in advance that CMAS will be providing funds so that an account number can be provided to them. Non-Tenure Track faculty solely appointed through CMAS will need to complete the RTA form provided here.

Please see UT Travel Policy to Restricted Regions.

Note that all requests for Travel Restriction Exceptions must go through Hanna McKenna, Assistant to Sr. Associate Dean Richard Flores. 

For additional information, consult the Travel Section in the Handbook of Business Procedures

State Sales Tax

University of Texas employees are exempt from Texas sales tax if purchase is made for University purposes. Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to utilize this status as sales tax may not be reimbursable for some purposes. If you plan on making purchases that are taxable, please download the Tax Exemption Certificate here and complete the information. Please present the certificate to the vender for University-related expenses (including entertainment) to claim the exemption. 

Request for Travel Reimbursement

Please note that travel reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than 30 days after your last approved travel date. You must have an approved RTA prior to travel in order to receive any reimbursements. A list of items for which receipts are required is available here

University employees are exempt from Texas State hotel occupancy taxes when traveling for University business. The University cannot reimburse any Texas State taxes unless the hotel refuses to honor the exemption certificate (see above for download). 

Meals are generally paid by daily meal allowance (per diem) with maximum daily amounts set at $36 (state funds) or $41 (local funds). Amount received is dependent on time of arrival and time of departure. Please see the Dean's Office memo for a specific break down. No meal receipts are required to receive per diem. 

The University of Texas cannot reimburse a split bill (such as hotel) that does not have the UT payee's name; we will not accept private invoices for split bills. It is up to the individual travelers to reconcile any private agreement. 

Upon return to Austin, original receipts must be turned in for reimbursement. You may note the expenses to be reimbursed via email or with your hard copy receipts. Expenses that can be reimbursed include, but are not limited to:

  • Airfare (original receipt clearly showing that payment was made by employee)
  • Lodging (original hotel bill required showing itemized room rate and taxes, and showing zero balance)
  • Meals (per diem rate)
  • Registration fees
  • Parking fees
  • Taxi/Bus/Train fares 
  • UT Business telephone and internet service (reimbursable via hotel bill)
  • Hotel Occupancy Tax (reimbursed via hotel bill)
  • Gasoline for personal vehicle (*only if not claiming mileage reimbursement)

Other Reimbursements

The Office of Accounting requires reimbursements to be completely processed within 60 days of the event. Because of the time required for document processing, both within the department and in Accounting, requests for reimbursements submitted more than 30 days after the event will not be approved by the Dean's Office. 

In order to receive a reimbursement you must:

  • Provide original itemized receipt
  • Email or letter from Dr. Perez approving financial support
  • Submit Occasion Expense Form (only for meal reimbursements) 
Official Occasion Expense Forms must be processed any time University funds are being used to pay for food, beverages, and sometimes parking. An "official occasion" is defined as a reception, luncheon, dinner, or similar event that is sponsored and funded by UT (e.g., conferences, meetings, planning retreats, staff meetings). These functions are normally associated with special programs or conferences, University guests, faculty and staff recruitment, or business meetings that span a meal time. To prevent a personal tax liability, departments need to document each occasion with receipts for expenses. 
College of Liberal Arts Entertainment Reimbursement Policy:
  • Entertainment expenses are limited to $65/person for an event/meeting (including tax and gratuity). 
  • Tips/gratuity should be limited to no more than 20%
  • Faculty and staff must submit itemized receipts for reimbursements. The receipt must also show proof of payment. If an itemized receipt or proof of payment is not available, the payee must sign a memo explaining why such is not available to be included in the voucher paperwork. 

Miscellaneous Purchases

Before you make a purchase for which you intend to be reimbursed, please check with Alberto Gonzalez at (512) 475-6973 or to make sure you are following purchasing guidelines. Although entertainment and travel (with the exception of flights) must be purchased by the attendee and then reimbursed, the department can make many other purchases for you. For example, CMAS has a tax exempt account through Amazon that we can make purchases from using our ProCard. However, some purchases must be made by the department and cannot be reimbursed if you purchase them yourself. These items include office supplies and software purchases. 

Please contact Alberto Gonzalez at (512) 475-6973 or regarding the faculty resources listed above.

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