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Tia Butler

Graduate student

Education: B.A Foreign Languages and Literatures, Spanish, Whitman College

Photo of Kimberly Canuette Grimaldi

Kimberly Canuette Grimaldi

Graduate student

Interests: Arabic Literature, Persian Literature, Disability Studies, Digital Humanities

Zainab Cheema

Graduate student

Photo of Marlena Cravens

Marlena Cravens

Graduate student

Interests: Early Modern and Medieval Iberian literature, travel literature, translation theory

Photo of Jamila Davey

Jamila Davey

Graduate student

Education: M.A in Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas

Interests: early Arabic poetry, Arab literary history, classical Islamic studies, narratives of Islam, gender studies, Francophone literature in Islamic contexts.

Kathleen Field

Graduate student

Liza Goodstein

Graduate student

Interests: contemporary North African literature, gender and sexuality, "in-betweenness," memory, the fantastic

Photo of Rama Hamarneh

Rama Hamarneh

Graduate student

Interests: modern Arabic literature, French-Canadian literature, identity, gender, Indigenous cultures and practices

Hamza Iqbal

Graduate student

Education: MA, Honours Philosophy, University of St Andrews, UK

Caroline Kraft

Graduate student

Photo of Abraham Layman

Abraham Layman

Graduate student

Education: B.A. Russian Language and Literature, University of South Carolina

Boya Lin

Graduate student

Photo of Claudio Moura de Oliveira

Claudio Moura de Oliveira

Graduate student

Education: MA Comparative Literature, University College London

Interests: Hermeneutics; psychoanalysis; semiotics; post-structuralism; education; rhetoric studies; Medieval Iberian Peninsula; Women and Gender Studies

Reinhard Mueller

Graduate student |
BUR 362

Education: Master of Arts and "Staatsexamen", University of Alabama / Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Greifswald

Interests: Literary theory, connections between literature and philosophy, English and German Modernity, Friedrich Nietzsche, James Joyce, Niklas Luhmann

Bianca Quintanilla

Graduate student

Photo of Michael Reyes

Michael Reyes

Graduate student

Interests: Caribbean and Latin American literature; African diaspora studies, borderlands theory, freedom of expression and censorship, cultures of urban modernity. Languages: English, Spanish, French.

Sarah Ropp

Graduate student

Interests: 20th and 21st century Spanish, Dutch and multi-ethnic American literature; children and childhood; memory and trauma; pedagogy; translation

Photo of Nika Setek

Nika Setek

Graduate student

Interests: My interests include medieval literature, Spanish Golden Age, dystopian fiction, science fiction and medievalism. I work primarily in Spanish and English.

Kaitlin Shirley

Doctoral Candidate; Founder and Co-Director of Reading World Literature

Interests: My research interests include 18th and 19th century French, Russian, and German literature with a focus on Dostoevsky and Rousseau.

Mark Smith

Graduate student

Photo of Nina Sport

Nina Sport

Graduate student |
FAC 16

Education: B.A. in French and Spanish, University of Texas at Arlington

Interests: 19th-20th Century Poetry and Poetics; The Avant-Garde in France; Latin American Modernismo; Caribbean Diaspora; 19-20th Century Women Writers; Spanish Baroque

Alex Thomas

Graduate student

Photo of Mehdi Torabian

Mehdi Torabian

Graduate student

Interests: Early modern drama, Iranian contemporary drama, new historicism

Photo of Amy Vidor

Amy Vidor

Doctoral Candidate, Mellon Engaged Scholar Fellow

Education: M.A in History and Literature (Columbia University), B.A.s in French, English (University of Southern California)

Interests: Human rights; Memory, trauma, and gender studies; twentieth-century intellectual history; francophone and anglophone literature

Xinyao Xiao

Graduate student

Interests: British and Italian Renaissance; classical reception in late medieval and early modern Europe; reception of Roman literature in China; translation.