Program in Comparative Literature

Third Annual

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Third Annual Graduate Comparative Literature Conference
"High Concept: Comparative Studies Out in the World"
October 6th, 2006

Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Damrosch
Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University

Author of What Is World Literature?, Meetings of the Mind,
We Scholars: Changing the Culture of the University,
and Narrative Covenant
Title: "Otherwise Engaged: Comparative Literature and the Clash of Cultures"

Comparative work matters. It bridges high and popular culture and connects disciplines. This year’s conference seeks papers in all areas of comparative literary and cultural research and invites presenters to consider explicitly the role that their work plays in the academy beyond the humanities, how comparative research communicates with and informs the world(s) outside the academy, and how we translate ourselves and our work for other communities in an insistently globalizing moment.

Topics to be discussed include:
· Comparative studies and globalization
· Ethics and methods of interdisciplinary studies
· Comparative studies and the public intellectual
· Literature in non-literary fields
· Comparative studies and popular culture
· Translation and comparative studies

The deadline for abstract submissions was 1 September 2006.

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